Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unworn Exception

Of all the items in the unworn challenge, this skirt was the only item that wasn't worn within the set time frame (pre-clothes-swap).  But I had it all planned out and knew exactly how I would wear it, so I made an exception.  Rules are meant to be broken, right?

The reason why this hadn't been worn before was because it fit my hips, not my waist which wasn't as flattering as I wanted it to be.  I (finally) altered it myself by hand-stitching the waistband in such a way that it just looks like a pleat in the back.  Hand-stitching anything - even as poorly as I do it - can take (me) a long time.  So when I got it all done and was quite happy with the result, it was a real bummer that it was then a little too tight.  Too lazy to re-stitch it and unable to wear to work (because I sit all day, and am a big fan of breathing), I decided if I was going to wear it, it would have to be for church where I stand most of the time.

I like this skirt a lot - the (new) fit, style, fabric, color/pattern, and pockets.  But don't ask my ribcage if it feels the same.  It doesn't.

Necklace:  Target(?)
Blouse:  Marshall's
Skirt:  JCPenny

A few more Minnesota fashion events to add to the list:

September 23
of Venus & Gaia, the fall collection runway shows

September 24

September 26

I wish could attend them ALL!


Anonymous said...

I adore this whole look, but that skirt is just amazing. Such a fun print and those colors are wonderful. Perfect with the yellow shoes!

Melissa said...

I love this! That skirt is fantastic and I absolutely, completely adore the gorgeous blouse that you paired with it! Perfect! That necklace is really pretty too.

You look beautiful! I'm dying over those heels, I need some yellow heels like that.

Ashley J said...

What a cool looking skirt! Very unique looking and so look great!

Rebecca said...

I need to start attending more local fashion events.

That skirt looks really flattering on you now.

Iris said...

The skirt looks great but, I love those shoes!!

Abi said...

That's a lovely skirt! Pretty nifty the way you were able to rework it and make it fit.
Works well with the yellow pumps and beaded necklace. Hope you weren't too starved of air though ;)

LyddieGal said...

Maybe someday when you are feeling ambitious, you can grab the seam ripper and give it another try.

The skirt is really so bright and fun, it does need to be worn!

And even though I have a sewing machine, sometimes I am still to lazy to fix things like that and will just belt skirts that are too big.

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