Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blue Ribbon Pines

Here I am.  Happily participating in 2 things I formerly would have wrinkled my nose and said "bleh" over:

1.  Disc Golf - since the bugs are gone and the weather has been perfectly perfect and Miles is the best little Disc Golf doggy ever...it was MY idea to play on Saturday afternoon.  MY. IDEA.  All 27 holes baskets at Blue Ribbon Pines Disc Golf Course in East Bethel, MN, and I don't think I complained once.  And the husband rejoiced.

2.  Light-wash, distressed jeans - not that I've ever had anything against denim of this nature, but the question has always been "where/how/with what would I wear them appropriately?".   But somehow, these snuck their way onto my fall trends I'd like to own list and whatdoyaknow...Target then supplied them for little more than $13.  That Target...gets me (almost) every time.

This may not be the most figure-flattering way to style these jeans, but heck, I'm playing Disc Golf, so I get a free not-super-stylish pass.

Hat:  borrowed, husband's closet
Shades:  Cliche'
T-Shirt:  Target
Hoodie:  gift from Mom
Jeans:  Target
Shoes:  Baker's, thrifted via Valu Thrift

Blue Ribbon Pines is a really beautiful course.  It's $5/pp to play.  It's staffed, well maintained, and the best part of all...there is a bar 1/2 way through, out in the woods, like a little oasis.  I'll take a Mike's Lemonade, please.  And then I'll spill it for Miles to lick up.  Apparently, he likes beer, cigarettes, and weed too (not ours, I swear).  We took him to church the next morning to get saved from these desires, but he wasn't interested in salvation...to be expected.

In other weekend news, Miles graduated from Puppy School on Sunday!  Movin' on to Intermediate next month! 

He was super hyper over the weekend and we couldn't figure out what was going on until Sunday, when we realized that a 12pk of Mountain Dew Throwback (we stocked up) stored under the couch was leaking and Miles was eagerly licking it up every chance he got.  Caffeinated Pug.  Whoops. 

Oh, but look at this face...totally innocent.


eek said...

fun snaps! i love your heart-shaped shades and your puppy is too cute :)

Joy said...

I think you styled those jeans just fabulously! In fact, now that I've seen them on, I want them!

And that might be one of the cutest pups ever!!


Rebecca said...

I would have a hard time styling distressed denim, I think, but you wore those jeans really well.

Kayla said...

I am so jealous of you having Frisbee Gold courses! The only Frisbee gold we can do around here is to take turns picking what the next 'hole' will be!

Girly Muse said...

Those boots are McFabulous.

Modestly Fashioned said...

I just found your blog and I love your style! It's so versatile and you really know how to mix up unexpected items:) I added you to my blogroll so check it out:) http://modestlyfashioned.blogspot.com/

silvergirl said...

Love the look!
Thought the styling was great.