Monday, October 4, 2010

Bon Jour

I had a really hard time getting dressed on Saturday morning trying to accommodate style and comfort for a day of boutiqueing.  I felt limited with the disastrous state of my closet and record-breaking height of my laundry pile.  I persevered, and came up with this:

Hat:  H&M
Blouse:  Vintage, thrifted
Jacket:  thrifted
Jeans:  Seven7, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Boots:  JCPenny
Glasses:  Cliche'

First official stop:  breakfast at Swede Hollow.  I had heard amazing things about this little cafe', situated just outside downtown St. Paul on E. 7th Street for ages and had never been there.  There's no wonder at it's reputation, it's goooooood.  I had pomegranate tea with a frosted cinnamon role.

(Elaina and Mitch)

How to find Allee Metro Chic:  From I94, head south on Snelling Ave.  You'll see this on your right:

Ok, so maybe there won't be an accordion player or girl with a cute Bon Jour sign on the sidewalk, but there was for the Grand Opening - cute as can be!  Next step:  STOP!  Don't cause an accident or anything, but find a place to park (hang a right on Selby), walk a short distance and find this little alleyway:

It will lead you into this darling little space where Allee is adorably nestled:

I'll be honest with you here:  this boutique isn't for poor girls.  You'll find a few accessories under $100, but that's about it.  This fact shouldn't prevent anyone from experiencing the boutique for themselves.  It's a beautiful sight to behold.  It's gorgeously furnished with French flair.  The staff is friendly and oh-so-stylish.  I left empty-handed, but with a smile on my face just for having been there.

And the best part about Allee:  My BFF Elaina's handbags!  They are for sale, in this shop!  She's mega-talented, and it's about time her fabulous creations were available to the masses!

After celebrating the opening of Allee, we discoverd a few other lovely shops on the corner of Snelling/Selby including Everyday People and A. Michelle.  And after that we shopped the Mighty Swell Vintage Pop-Up Shop!  Oh my!  Purchases to be seen soon!


Anonymous said...

jill! it looks like you had so much fun! and your outfit totally fit the bill. :) good choice. i'm with you on record-breaking heights of laundry mountains. we could move right on over to the smokies and fit in.

Anna said...

What a fun day of shopping! Can't wait to see what you got a Mighty Swell!

Rebecca said...

Your outfit looks perfect for a day of shopping. I'll have to check out Allee.

Marta Castellanos said...

So sweet and cute look! The heart glasess are lovely! xoxo

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love your outfit! The vintage blouse looks amazing paired with that jacket!

Girly Muse said...

You look darling and so does the shop! Bummed I couldn't go Saturday (!!!) but hope to get over there soon to see it up close and personal. :)

Betsy's Closet said...

The outfit was WAY cute!!!! Looks like you hit some great places!

Keely said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! And you look like a picture out a magazine! Adorable.

Lori said...

love that your outfit is thrifty and chic! Sounds like a fun day (your friends also dressed super cute!)