Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I can wear white after Labor Day.

I can wear black and brown together.

I can wear tights with open-toed shoes.

I can wear silver with gold.

I can wear polka-dots with stripes.

I can wear denim with denim.

What can YOU do?

Hat:  Target
Cardigan:  Eddie Bauer, thrifted
Flower Pin:  Gap
Shirt:  JCPenny
Belt:  H&M
Jeans:  Forever 21
Boots:  Madden Girl via DSW
Bag:  thrifted via ARC's Value Village


Anonymous said...

i CAN live in the now.

Fashion Butter said...

You look adorable - love this look!

Kayla said...

I agree with all of your rule breaking :) I wear socks with flats.. a lot. I figure if they are beige socks than I can look like I'm barefoot with out having to sacrifice the warmth!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love your "I Cans" and agree with all of them. You definitely pull off the denim on denim very well. What I've learned I can do is:

-Wear tights with shorts
-Wear a dress as a skirt

Joy said...

I LOVE this outfit! You look great!

I can wear sequins to work-2 days in a row!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

I know I CAN be a tomboy and girly girl all the same time and not have an identity crisis! LOL

Cool outfit too!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

I know I CAN be a tomboy and girly girl all the same time and not have an identity crisis! LOL

Cool outfit too!

Anonymous said...

I can touch my nose with my tongue (not fashion related, but I do like to brag)

I can choose not to mach my shoes, belt and bag to one another (but when I do, you know it's fabulous)

I can (and do!) create terrific ensembles with only 5 pairs of shoes.

Rebecca said...

I love the double denim.

silvergirl said...

So glad you posted those "I can" rules. I keep telling my friends the exact same thing and they look at me like I am crazy!
PS... so happy for you, that you were able to get your purse back

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! Your list of "I Can"s are fantastic - they're some of my "I Can"s too - and I love your double denim look with that great hat. You look so cool and sassy!

And I'm so glad that your purse found its way back to you. What an ordeal, and what a wonderful reminder that there are kind people out there, too.

Modestly Fashioned said...

i CAN break the rules and LOVE it! I love that you are breaking free of rules dictated by 'fashion'! We have to be our own selves and live by our own rules! Way to go:) and the outfit is fab also!!! love the denim on denim!

Vanessa said...

I can wear knee-high boots with tights and shorts --- in the fall. (Even if it was only while running errands and shopping!)
You pull off the double denim very smartly.

Two For Tea said...

You are totally rocking the denim and denim look...I absolutely love it! Cute boots :)

I CAN get married in 7 months!!! Yay!!!

<3 Cambria

Monique said...

You totally rock all these broken "rules" and whoever gave rules to fashion was not all there anyway!

LyddieGal said...

I am completely with you on all accounts -- I have done them, and I have loved them!

Glad to see your purse back in action!

Chic on the Cheap

Sydney said...

You CAN wear denim with denim! You look HOT lady! Great great combo!