Friday, October 22, 2010

A Shadowy Something

Here is the pink I actually wore for Breast Cancer Awareness Day (yesterday).

You guys.  I'm tired, yet restless.  The creative juices just aren't flowing.  I'm in serious need of a change of scenery.  I want to take my husband and my pup and just...escape for a little while.  I sort of feel like a gerbil on an exercise wheel.  It was fun at first, but now I just want to get off and do something different.  The wheel doesn't represent anything in particular, just life in general.  I get this way a couple times per year.  I get over it eventually, but it's annoying.

Speaking of rodents, a small, dark, shadowy presence has overtaken my kitchen.  I first noticed something dark and lightning fast along the baseboard by the sink.  It freaked me out (and Miles too - arf!arf!), but it was so fast I couldn't tell what it was and only hoped it wasn't of the insect variety.

Then yesterday morning, I heard something rattling around IN my dishwasher.  I stood, staring at the dishwasher in fear and curiosity.  Then, sure enough, the black shadow moved around the baseboard and under the fridge so quickly that I still cannot confirm what it is (other than super creepy).

If it is a mouse, I sure hope he's the high-life in my crumb-ridden kitchen, not on an exercise wheel in a cage.

Just sayin'.

Pearls:  Philippines, gift from Stevie
T-Shirt:  WalMart
Cardigan:  Forever 21
Belt:  Forever 21
Dress:  Macy's
Tights:  Target
Shoes:  Madden Girl via


Rebecca said...

The pink dress looks great.

I feel the same way sometimes. A couple times a year I get in vacation mode, and can't wait for a break.

Anonymous said...

This look is incredible! You look so good in every single color. I swear! And I'm terrified to break out my grey tights... I have no idea what to pair them with.

We had a mouse in our house a few years ago. He was living in the dog food bag. Sneaker!

Ana Paula from Get Craftin {crafts and a little fashion} said...

I think we all feel that way sometimes, a vacation always does the body so good!! I love that outfit, the tights and shoes is my favorite!! take care!! :)

devilishlypleasurable said...

love the pinks. . you look fab :)

found you via FF. . love your blog

20 York Street said...

I've got a strand of pearl necklace from the Philippines and they are precious! Love your outfit today.

Just found your blog, its excellent!


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shealennon said...

The pink on pink looks so pretty! And I love how the brown adds just the right amount of weight so it's not too girlie. I love it!

LyddieGal said...

Oh no. I hope you don't have mice --- we did last summer and it was a miserable experience.

And on another note, I too know this feeling of wanderlust. Sometimes the daily rotation just become so unbearably mundane.
get away for bit. make a day that feels different, and enjoy it.

Chic on the Cheap

Modestly Fashioned said...

you look so great in that pink - and what a special way and reason to wear it!

Monique said...

I totally hear ya about feeling stuck sorta. A quick breather or a change of scenery is def always helpful! I really hope the brown furry creature is just a little field mouse, and not something of the scarier variety!
xo M

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Cute outfit, very sweet!

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