Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 for 30: Day 11

Ahhhhh!!!!  So busy!  Work today, a fashion event tonight, work tomorrow...and I haven't even packed for Louisiana yet!  On top of all that, I'm suddenly super motivated blog-wise.  I have so many things to share, and ideas to become reality...I just need TIME to make it all happen.

I must admit, this whole 30 for 30 thing certainly has it's perks.  With limited options, I don't struggle to pick out what I'm going to wear every day, which is a real time saver.

Shirt:  Target
T-Shirt:  Disneyland gift from Hubby
Sweater:  H&M
Skirt:  Old Navy
Tights:  HUE via Macy's


Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit! Love the Mickey shirt peeking out (and the puggy friend who snuck in!)

Rebecca said...

I always like your yellow shoes. they brighten up any outfit.

Shelley said...

you look sooo cute! I have been thinking about getting a mickey tshirt like that... maybe I will :)

Kellie said...

Cute, love Mickey peeking out from under your cardi! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like this outfit! I love when T-shirts are paired with more girly items like your pretty tights and amazing yellow shoes :-)

Shallow Mallow said...

Great outfit :) When I saw mickey in your 30 for 30 selection I wondered how you'd style him :) Love that you're wearing the same colour shoes as the infamous mouse!
Happy weekend!

Sarah loves it all said...

Your 30 for 30s have been awesome! I love so many of your pieces! Love that polka dot cardi and I totally love Mickey.

Linda said...

Love those shoes!
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