Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 for 30: Day 3

Ah yes.  The ol' denim shirt with khaki pants duo.  Ca-lassic.  Can I just say that I love denim in almost any form or fashion.  It's true.  You'd shake your head in disgust at the many ways I've worn denim in past years.  Denim skirt-suit with gnarly, shredded hemline, anyone?  I only wore it once, but man was it a good time.

So this whole denim shirt trend...right up my alley.  I'm on the lookout for one in a fitted, oxford style that isn't too Western looking.  To be purchased after I'm through with 30 for 30, of course.  I'm not shopping right now.  (Repeat)  I'm not shopping right now.  Is there an echo in here?

Shirt:  JCPenny
Jacket:  Old Navy, thrifted
Belt:  H&M
Pants:  The Limited, thrifted
Boots:  Madden Girl via DSW
Purse:  Coach, gift from hubby
Airplane earrings (current fave): Target


Shallow Mallow said...

Looking great!
Looking great!

There is an echo! ;)
Cool jacket - that white trim/outline is just brilliant

KT said...

Jill - Love the denim shirt and you pull it off so well. I haven't been bold enough top try that trend yet. Maybe after this challenge I'll be feeling more adventurous. Those earrings are super cute too! - Katy

daer0n said...

Super cool outfit! Love it.
You look great!


Kellie said...

I really like the color of those pants! I think it makes the denim/khaki combo look fresher :)

Second Star

Brittany D'Lynne said...

Love everything about this outfit! Everyone is just dressing in their all-American best lately! Loving it!

Anonymous said...

Great look, I think we are searching for the same thing. Too bad shopping won't start for another 27 days. :( Lovely Remix!!

Vanessa said...

Still going strong! And, you're right. The denim and khaki is a classic combo!
Ps. I wore my Target lace skirt today. Ahh, the most prolific skirt, ever!

Modestly Fashioned said...

i am also a huge fan of the denim shirt trend...i like how yours is more tunic-y styled with buttons only part of the way down:) you look great!

Rachel said...

love this look. It's a little unexpected and that's what makes it great.