Friday, November 12, 2010

30 for 30: Day 5

There is a first time for everything, and this is the first time I've belted a scarf.  Just a little slow on that trend, but I'm cool with it now.  And so far, this is my favorite '30' outfit.  I am convinced that this shirt-dress can do no wrong.  Remember when I remixed it here? would have been very foolish not to include it in my first 30 for 30.  I'm no fool.

It's Friend Friday once again, and this week's topic is Blogger Self-Promotion.  And with that, I've decided that the Blog Word of the Day is PARTICIPATE.  Since when have I done a Blog Word of the Day, you ask?  Since right now.  I make it all up as I go.

1. How do you promote your blog?
Perhaps the question is "DO I promote my blog?".  Yes, yes, of course I do...but in small ways.  I follow and comment on other blogs.  I'm listed on Weardrobe.  I have business cards (that I rarely distribute).  Twitter.  I participate in the community with things like Friend Friday, 30 for 30, ect.  I host giveaways every now and then.  But I don't do these things solely to increase traffic or gain followership.  I do it simply because I want to participate.

2. In your experience what has been the most effective form of self promotion?
Participation in the community, for sure.  And the great thing is, that's what it's all about!  I don't have to send mass emails begging people to follow me or make half-hearted comments on others' blogs.  All I have to do is be myself, participate, and readers will come to me.

3. Do you think there is a wrong way to promote yourself and your blog?
I don't know that there is a 'wrong' way, but some methods are certainly more effective than others.  Any form of promotion that comes across as desperate is going to have a very small return on investment.

4. When it comes to others pushing their product what annoys you?
I'm not a fan of generic 'follow me' emails.  If one doesn't take the time to learn my name and address me personally, I won't feel any obligation to click your link. 

I know a lot of people take issue with the "nice blog, come follow me" comment, but I actually prefer that to a spammy email.  Ideally, one would leave a sincere comment with a simple link to their blog.  I will get to it eventually, and if I want to follow, I will.

5. In Dressful's post on this topic earlier in the week she said, "It's impossible to respect someone who wants all the attention, but adds nothing worthwhile to the conversation." Do you agree?
I do agree.  It makes me wonder why some people start blogs, because if it is just for attention and potential publicity, I expect they'll be very disappointed in the long run. 

A principle not just for blogs, but for life:  GIVE and you shall RECEIVE. 

Shirt-dress:  Gap, thrifted
Scarf:  Target
Belt:  Thrifted
Tights:  Old Navy
Boots:  Madden Girl via DSW


Liz said...

I agree with you - participation is a great way to get your blog out there. But it's also fun to be apart of this community. I feel like I have all of these new friends now. It's great! And hey if you check out my blog that's great too.

I'm late to the belt + scarf combination but it's on my to-do list at some point during the 30 for 30.

Michelle said...

So, I could never belt a scarf. I have a little tummy and I think it makes it look more prominent.

Anyway, now I know what this 30 for 30 is. I've been seeing it around but not sure what it was.

On the topic of self promotion, I have to say that I do think there are wrong ways to promote your blog. Selfishness gets you no where. However, look at famous bloggers like Hilton. Do you think he's doing it for attention? hmmm I think so. I'd almost bet that he's not making any "helpful" comments on other blogs either.


Sydney said...

THANK GOODNESS you're as lovely as your are. Nobody likes those shameless self promoters. Way to be a participant!! By the way. I am LOVING this look today! I'm a huge fan of the belted scarf look myself!

Rebecca said...

That shirt dress is great, and I like the belted scarf on you.

Kellie said...

I want to try belting a scarf too, but haven't yet. I really like how you kept everything else simple. Great Q&A too! I'm new to blogging and only have 1 follower and that's fine...I totally agree with what you said. It's just about wanting to participate!

V said...

Do you ever feel like you're wearing a night gown with the shirt dress? I recently got one from ON and although I LOVE it, I kind of felt like it was night gown-ish. I guess I should just get over that.
I completely agree w/your Q&A. when I started my blog and actively maintained it, I participated. I got busy, etc and then kind of only posted sporadically and don't comment much lately.

silvergirl said...

Aww the belted scarf. Still haven't gotten up the courage to try it
You inspired me now.

As for self-promoting, I like what you said. I am fairly new to the blogging world and I apprieciate being part of the community itself, not what can I get out of it or what can you do for me.

Anna said...

Super cute! I love the belted scarf look on you! I'm going to have to try it out...

Shallow Mallow said...

Emails, seriously? That does sound a little much.

I love the way you belt your scarfs and what a lovely scarf it is! :)

S. said...

I really love the navy-cornflower-brown combination you've put together here! It looks awesome with your coloring, and is a really fabulous way to remix this dress!

Jilliebeanie said...

V - the shirtdress would absolutely feel like a nightgown if it wasn't belted. So I always either belt it or wear it as a shirt with a skirt over it...whatever creates a defined waist.

Stylepint said...

The belted scarf look works for you. I've had trouble with that particular style since my scarves are so long on my body. But I have figured out other ways to wear my scarves so that it doesn't look so boring.

Anyways, great post on the FF, self-promotion is a bit tricky since you want to gain followers and traffic, but you don't want to lose your content in the process. Building strong content and connecting to people is what keeps them coming back! =)

Justine said...

I like how you belted your scarf!

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