Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guest Blogger: Meghan of High Plains Thrifter

Hello dears! This is Meghan from High Plains Thrifter. I’m really excited to be blog-sitting Spoils of Wear today while Jill’s off spending some quality time with her family.

As much as I despise Minnesota’s long, cold, snowy winters, there is one thing look forward to once the temperatures drop--wearing my thrifted vintage furs! I used to save fur-wearing for only the most special occasions, but this winter, I’ve vowed to incorporate them more into by day-to-day dressing. I’m thinking that smaller pieces, like stoles and cowls, will be getting more play. Here are a few ideas I’ve been inspired by lately.

The cluster of cat pins Julie, from Orchid Grey, added to her vintage stole are perfectly quirky and help the outfit more youthful and informal. You can also add sparkle to stoles or collars by fastening it with a brooch or pin, or by using sweater grips.

White fur is so pretty! I love how Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess, topped off this simple vintage black dress with this cowl. I thrifted a piece similar to this last week at the Salvation Army in Elk River for $20!

How cozy is this sweet little fur collar Erin of Cali Vintage is wearing? This ensemble is a perfect example of how even a small touch of fur can elevate a standard sweater/skirt combo to something more luxurious and interesting.

As much as I like the look of full-on furry hats, I hate hat-head. The fluffy headband Coury Combs from Fancy Treehouse is wearing would keep my ears warm, without wreaking havoc on my ‘do.

 My top tips for thrifting fur...

-First, scrunch up the piece with your hands. You should not hear a “crunch” or “crackle” or feel any kind of stiffness. Fur should be supple and limp.
-Run your fingers over the entire piece looking for splits in the seam or tears. Fur is extremely expensive to repair (and in some cases impossible to fix), so usually, it’s not worth buying a piece that’s damaged.
-Examine the lining. If it’s deteriorated or falling apart, again, repairing is or getting it relined will probably not be worth purchasing it.
-Give it a sniff. Scents cling to fur indefinitely, so if you smell smoke, cedar or moth balls, it’s there to stay.

I hope this post has given you some fresh ideas for adding touches of fur to your day-to-day dressing. I wish you all warm and cozy Thanksgivings!




Vanessa said...

These are really great tips! I'm excited to go searching for some thrift store fur! A little cape or stole would be excellent...

Gracey said...

What wonderful timing for this post - at least for me. I've had a vintage fur for couple years now that I haven't worn because I wasn't sure how. I also thrifted another fur this summer and while I am determined to wear it, I have to admit that I haven't yet. But, this gives me some wonderful ideas. Thank you!

Kinsey said...

I am so glad you have shared some tips, I never know what to look for in pieces like these! I'm heading over to your blog ASAP!

silvergirl said...

I have a fabulous fur stole that was my grandmother's and thought I should get it out and use it since fur is so in this year.
You have definitely made me decide to go for it!

Jodi said...

I am a new follower and love your profiles.. so great. .always nice to profile others and share the love!!! so many beautiful bloggers and amazing outfits!! I'm also doing the 30 for 30 so nice to meet you.. will be back to see the rest of your outfits!!! cheers, Jodi