Friday, November 26, 2010

Guest Blogger: Vanessa of Snappy and Savvy

Hello friends, Jill here.  My, how I've missed you.  I hope you've enjoyed getting to know a few of my favorite bloggers from the Twin Cities.  Now to switch things up a bit, I asked Vanessa of Snappy and Savvy to swap Friend Friday posts with me.  When Katy announced the post-swap, I knew right away who I wanted to partner with.  Vanessa's style may very well be (in my opinion) the funnest in the blogosphere.  She knows color, she knows layers, she knows accessories, and she takes beautiful outfit photos. 

When you're done here, swing on by Snappy and Savvy for my Friend Friday/Black Friday post!

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Hi Spoils of Wear readers, and Happy Thanksgiving! It's great to meet you and an honor to swap posts with Jill. She has a slightly quirky, always classic style that I love!

Today is Black Friday--the day we style lovers and bargain hunters converge on malls and big box stores to score huge markdowns on everything from electronics to frying pans and winter jackets.

Confession: I've never done a Black Friday shopping excursion the way it was meant to be done. You know, like some of you who plot out your Friday morning with military precision. You know who you are. You're the ones who awake at o'dark thirty, drink copious amounts of coffee, arrive in line and snap up the screaming hot deals before bolting to the next store.

I'm more of a wake-up-at-11 a.m., eat-some-Thanksgiving-leftovers, and leisurely-make-my-way-to-a-shop kinda girl. It doesn't make sense for a cheapskate like me, but that's how I roll (or don't roll).

When I do rouse myself to action today, it will most likely be to go to my hometown's small downtown shopping district. I live in a tiny, touristy town with lots of small boutiques perfect for finding unique gifts. The problem is, many items are pricey, so shopping early and wisely is a must. I like supporting the small merchants, and tell me what's more Christmas-y than this scene?

One of the main streets in my hometown on Thanksgiving weekend, 2009.

I like to give things I've been craving, but that are also practical items to appease the budget-ista in me. This year, I've got winter accessories on the brain. A fun scarf or hat is the perfect way to add a pop of interest, texture or color to a drab or dark winter ensemble. Even better, they fit everyone on my list, from petite to plus-sized. And, they fit my budget and into a stocking. Here's my winter accessory gift inspiration:

One: Leg warmers cleverly made from a recycled sweater by Etsy seller Mountain Girl Clothing.
Two: Super chunky cowl neck knit scarf in an unexpected color, like chartreuse from Etsy's Happiknits.
Three: Fair isle knee socks in a bold color combo, to layer over tights and wear with skirts, from Spotted Moth.
Four: A feather-adorned hat in a slouchy knit to get noticed, like this Anna Sui one spotted here.
Five: Really long, longer-than-opera-length-long, gloves in black to stretch a fall-weather cape into colder winter temps. Or, maybe a color-block pair like these from Modcloth.

Happy shopping, everyone, and Merry Christmas! (Is it time yet for me to say that? Yes, I think it's inescapable. Cue endless stream of store Christmas music.)


Andrea said...

Hope you are doing well!

e.llera said...

Hi Jill!

Thanks for featuring ModCloth on your site. We always appreciate it. You should check out our Tis the Season Sale, there are gloves at a great discounts!!

Your friend,
Elisa at ModCloth

Ali said...

Great posts that both of you did! :)

Vanessa said...

Thanks again, Jill! Hope your Thanksgiving was grand, and safe travels!

MountainGirlClothing said...

Thanks for featuring MountainGirl on your article...
Lots of love,
Margaret at MountainGirlClothing