Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hometown Art

I don't know about where you live, but in Minnesota, it's really easy to complain.  The dissatisfaction comes on strong this time of year and doesn't usually let up until after Easter.  Even my love of winter sports is overshadowed by the frigid temperatures and dark days.  It's not always easy to look on the bright side, but when I came across Adam Turman's artwork at Truly in White Bear Lake, I was reminded of how much I actually love it here.  The Twin Cities has great shopping (no sales tax), lots of art and culture, and some darn good people.

The downtown St. Paul skyline would not be the downtown St. Paul skyline without the 1st Bank building's bright, blinking 1st.

My favorite little getaway vacation is just a few hours north.  Duluth is so charming set against beautiful Lake Superior.

Minneapolis.  Love the atmosphere, hate the driving and parking.  But the nightlife, shops and eateries are undeniably worth getting lost and paying extra for valet.

The new...the awesome...Target Field.  I was lucky enough to attend a Twins game this past summer and loved every minute of it.

And this girl...she just gets me.  She's cold, but she's dealing with it. 


LindsFM said...

I love this! I lived in Wisconsin for grad school, so I totally understand. St Paul is an amazing city, and it doesn't get enough credit!

Rebecca said...

I have two Adam Turman prints. The 1st Bank building, and the Washington Avenue Bridge.

silvergirl said...

I admire you girls that live in those frigid temps.
Love the artwork, especially the girl with hot beverage.