Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 for 30: Day 26 - 29

Top Left:  The neckline of this dress is too low to be worn alone and the few shirts that could've been worn with it were in the laundry.  So I had to improvise and wear my Mickey Mouse tee.  It looked a little goofy with black mouse ears layered under my navy blue dress...certainly not work-worthy.  I first tried one scarf for t-shirt coverage, but Mickey was stills showing a little.  I then opted for two scarves.  Impressed?  Me too.

Green Scarf:  giftshop at San Juan airport
White Scarf:  giftshop on Disney Cruise
Mickey Tee (not shown):  gift from hubby
Dress:  Soprano via Macy's
Tights: Target?
Boots:  Madden Girl via
Top Right: This little capelet was not in my 30 for 30.  I'm calling it an accessory to justify wearing it.  It was either the capelet or a scarf, and I'm getting a little scarfed-out to be honest.  It would seem that the further I get in the challenge, the more rules I tend to break.  I am a rule breaker by nature, afterall.

Capelet:  Gap
Shirt:  Target
Belt:  ?
Jeans:  Lux, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Boots:  JCPenny

Bottom Left:  Given the length of this shirt-dress, I felt a bit like I forgot my pants.

Hat:  Stella Blu
Sweater:  Ann Taylor, thrifted
Shirt-dress:  Gap, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Tights:  Walmart
Shoes:  Seychelles via

Bottom Right:  This is me, shopping, at the thrift store, in a 30 for 30 outfit.  Blasphemy!  Monday was the only free time I had before our big, church Christmas concert on Sunday and I needed to get my outfit together.  We're wearing black and gold.  And hey, it's been well over 30 days since I've shopped...more justified rule breaking.

Turtleneck:  Target
Cardigan:  TJMaxx
Belt:  H&M
Skirt:  Target
Tights:  Old Navy?
Boots:  Madden Girl via


Lauren said...

That two scarf idea is genius!! I am definitely going to have to try that! Great looks! One more to go! :)

Small Time Style

The Suburb Experiment said...

I sure hope that capelet is from this year because I'm off to to score one myself. That is too cute.


Lise Marie said...

Two scarves look great and compliment each other well. I really love the capelet though.

Kinsey said...

I love look 26! You look adorable, that dress is awesome. I like all of the looks, but 26 is my fave!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love the stripes and print in the bottom right corner!~ Fabulous! Congrats.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Vanessa said...

That little cape is adorable! I love the big pompoms at the end!

Kimberly said...

Loving all of these! Definitely need to try the 2 scarves trick. Love the Gap Capelet thing - the pom-poms are too, too fun! And I love your pattern mixing.

Iris said...

I love the 2 scarves in outfit #26, I will have to try that... and the stripes mixed with florals is pretty awesome! Stripes go with everything :)

Arielle said...

still adorable!

Meri said...

I have a dress cut similar to the top left (blue one) and never know what to layer over it, since my blazers always look weird but my office is super chilly. Any ideas?

Brittney said...

you don't know me, and i don't know you, but may i just say that i LOVE the fact that a mickey mouse tee was one of your 30x30 items?!?! bravo and a gold star for you.
i just started my own fashion blog a big ago. and when i say "a bit," think in terms of days, here. not weeks or months. heh. ANYwho, i'd love it if you stopped by and checked it out when you get a minute. if you're so inclined. and, c'mon, you know you're so inclined... right? right.
have a wonderful day!

Hurricanekerrie said...

I love the top left look. Love the dress and boots combo. I'm from MN, too! How are you coping with this frigid weather?