Thursday, December 23, 2010

Choir Concert

Photo courtesy of Mari at UpperRoom Photography.

Keely, Me, Elaina

What We Wore: 

Keely wore a tutu custom made by Elaina for big sis Katie.  Sometimes I wish I had a big sister I could borrow awesome clothes from, and then I remember my super stylish friends...same thing.

I'm wearing a silky, black tee from JCPenny under an Ann Taylor blazer from the thrift store - looks like it's never been worn!  My skirt is from Target's kid's department.  Faintly polka dotted tights from DSW.  I bought the gold boots at WalMart several years ago for $3.  The most expensive item I'm wearing is the necklace, which I picked up at a boutique in White Bear Lake for $19...doubled the chain to make it shorter.

Elaina is wearing a headband that she made.  Dress from our most recent clothes-swap, skirt from Forever21 and shoes from Hot Topic.  (E - Did I get that right?)

The black and gold looked beautiful - SO much better than the typical black & red dress code.
The concert itself was wonderful.  The church packed out and we nearly sold out of cds.  We had some fabulous guest soloists including Sara Renner, Chris Lawrence (pictured above), Ashleigh Still, Jonathan Thulin, and comedian Joey I.L.O.

Now taking a much needed break before heading into the new year with more big plans...a 20 year reunion, another album (or 2)...I can't help but be very excited about it all.


Laney said...

You're good! How did you remember where I got everything? I didn't tell you that night. You're pretty awesome BFF!

Lise Marie said...

What amazing outfits!! You all look fabulous.

kimmie said...

Wow, all three of you look amazing, and I can't believe how inexpensive your outfit was! It looks awesome, and those $3 boots? LOVE!

Brittney said...

i love this! black & gold is a great combo. you all look beautiful.

Keely said...

You all look adorable! Every time I see that skirt at Target I want to buy it.

two birds said...

i have that same skirt...i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who shops in the kids' department! you look beautiful!