Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Etsy Love

I've fallen in love with this awesome pet art from Gemini Studio Art Chicago
Perfect gift for the adoring pet owner on your list.

The following represent the special pups in my family:

Miles: My baby love.

Murphy:  My little bro. (my parent's dog)

Mason:  My brother-in-law. (my in-law's dog)


Meri said...

I need a bulldog one for my sister's pup, my "god-dog" !

Allie said...

Omigod, I LOVE these! Wah their boxer has clipped earls or I would totally get one for my husband to represent our furbaby Ruckus!

monster cakes said...

Oh yes! I am kind of obsessed with my two pit bull rascals, so I would love to have these! Thanks for sharing!