Friday, December 17, 2010

Friend Friday: Holiday Party Attire

Black & Gold

1. Which holiday party are you looking forward to attending this year? 

I have a couple holiday parties to attend this year, but the event that's really on my mind is the upcoming choir concert on Sunday.  It's not a party, and is a par-tay.

2. What is your go-to holiday party outfit? 

It really depends on the event.  My company holiday party was yesterday, and even though it was casual-dress, I amped it up a little with a businessy-dress, bright cardigan, chunky jewelry, patterned tights, and black pumps...basically looked like I was (stylishly?) running for office.

For the concert on Sunday, the choir is wearing black and gold.  Unless something changes, I'll be pairing a fitted, black blazer with a tutu-ish shirt and gold boots. 

For a casual house party, I might wear skinny jeans, layer up in holiday colors, with tacky Christmas socks for coziness.

3. Do you go dressed in something that would be impractical to wear at any other time of the year?

The only thing impractical would be holiday colors.  I don't wear a lot of black except around the holidays, accented with festive colors, of course.  I might pair green and red together or with silver or gold, which really only works this time of year.

4. If you are going to a house-party what gift will you bring to the host/hostess? 

A dish to share, or maybe some holiday sweets or bottle of wine.

5. If you could buy only one trendy piece to update your holiday party wardrobe, what would you get this year?

I purchased a frilly, black skirt for the concert.  Oddly enough in the little girls department at Target ($12.99!)  I think it will prove to be a great purchase.  After the holidays, it will be so cute with a simple tee and cardigan.

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The Peach Chablis said...

Loving the Steve Madden shoes - very cute!

And I can't wait to see this children's section target skirt! I haven't tried the kids section before - but I have been known to buy XS maternity stuff...

Hurricanekerrie said...

I think I know what Target skirt you're talking about-- I was thinking of buying that one, too! I wondered if it would be too weird if I bought it, but if you did, I think I'll head there tomorrow and grab it!