Monday, December 27, 2010


How embarrassing.  I was so relieved and overly proud of myself for completing the 30 for 30 challenge, but while working on my recap post, I was one outfit short.  This post was the culprit.  20-24 would be 5 outfits, not 4.

I couldn't just let it go for someone else to find my mistake and call me out on matter how unlikely that might be.  And I would know and have to live with all of your kind congratulations and compliments over a challenge I didn't even complete.  This is me confessing my error.  So...for real this time. 

30 for 30:  Day 30

This is what I wore Christmas Day...for about an hour.  As soon as I got to my in-law's, I changed into my new, flannel PJ's and didn't take them off until the following morning.

Hat:  H&M
Sweater:  Forever 21
Skirt:  Old Navy
Tights:  Target
Boots:  JCPenny
Gloves:  Marshall's
Coat:  Forever 21


Work With What You've Got said...

At least it's a really cute recount!

archives said...

ha! well, congrats on REALLY being done!!!! :D hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Melissa said...

At least you're honest! And honestly very cute too! I would've thrown on the flannel PJs too if I had any!

The Suburb Experiment said...

Our Christmas tradition is wearing our new pajamas to open presents. So there's never many pictures of us looking very stylish on Christmas. It's a fun tradition though!

Kinsey said...

Oh no! I did that too, I skipped a day! It's awful when you realize that you've got one more to do!

silvergirl said...

love the tights

Brittney said...

I love how your legs can TOTALLY pull off a horizontally striped tight. Seriously, this is a great look...I think you went above and beyond for Christmas! (I didn't even get dressed...not even for 1 hour...not gross, not gross at all).

Rebecca said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge!

Joy said...

I LOVE those tights!!