Friday, December 10, 2010

Tan Boots

I can't tell you how many times I've been approached about my tan, Madden Girl boots.  So. Many. Times.  And no matter how much I feature them on the blog, someone is bound to comment on them again.  They are truly great boots, worth their weight in gold.  I have not seen my exact pair since purchasing them from numerous seasons ago, but I have found a few that are similar (maybe better?) than mine.

Boots come in a wide range of qualities, and for the most part, you get what you pay for.  I would be too picky to go with the cheap Wild Diva brand, but too budget-conscious to purchase the Jessica Simpsons.  My favorite (though I have not seen them in person) are the Ana pair from JCPenny.  I have similar boots in black from 'Penny's, and they're very well made for the price.


Jessica Simpson via Zappos - $119.96

Madden Girl via DSW - $59.95

Ana via JCPenny - $39.99


Vince Camuto via Endless - $91.90

Wild Diva via Amazon - $25.99

Dear Santa,

My readers are the nicest, sweetest readers in blog land.  I would like to give them each a pair of tan boots for Christmas, but I am just a poor girl with a shopping problem (but have you noticed what a good girl I've been lately?).  I would greatly appreciate it if you would supply each person with tan boots in their size and style preference so they can know the fulfillment that I do having my Madden Girl boots. 

Do you know Steve Madden personally?  I bet you do.  Will you please tell him that I really appreciate him making cute, affordable shoes?  Thanks. 

So, about the boots...please place them under their trees on Christmas Eve. or at your earliest convenience.  If they don't have a tree (like me), the doorstep will work just fine.  The box should be wrapped in brown paper, tied with string (classy-like) and the card should say "with love, from Santa and Jill". 

Thanks, big guy! I'll make you some cookies this year, but Steve will likely eat them before you come (sorry).

Safe travels,



Melissa said...

Thank you for asking Santa on our behalf (behalves?)!

I could really use some tan boots!

An American in Switzerland said...

Awww! I have been looking for a pair of brown/tan flat boots for so long now that I am so close to giving up. Hopefully I Santa puts them under my tree :)

Anonymous said...

You're too sweet! I find my tan boots {Naughty Monkey} are huge workhorses in my closet, too.

Doesn't stop me from drooling over those JS ones, though. GORGE!

daer0n said...

I could use a pair too! haha
Cute boots, love them!

Meri said...

Ohh, I like the wild diva ones. Do you have any recommendations for really scrawny calves/boots? I would love to know, I usually look like I'm playing dress up unless the boots lace up :(


Louise said...

Those boots are all great! Very very cute.

Yolanda Alejandre said...

Thank you, size 8 Santa Ana!

Ramsey said...

Is there anything better than a good pair of brown boots? Lemme just answer that...NO, there is not (except for mabe molten chocolate cake, but that is another story for another day). I just got (well not really, I don't actually get to wear them 'till Christmas) a new pair that I may or may not be completely in love with! Shoe Station. Madden Girl has my heart. just a little. or a lot.

LaurenRonda said...

ahhhhh! WANT! :P
i have been craving me some brown boots all season. haha

Kate said...

Just ordered the Wild Diva's from Amazon - can't wait to get 'em and show 'em off! Maybe I'll even bring 'em to MN!!