Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm writing my Friday post on Thursday (so yesterday), which means we need to talk about Wednesday. 

I worked all day Wednesday, after which Steve and I picked up the dog, made dinner, vegged for a few glorious moments before heading to the Feed My Starving Children event that I organized for my church group. 

I packaged food (for starving children - more on that later) from 8ish-9:30ish.  Got home around 10, hopped in the shower.  Got out to find Steve snuggling on the couch with the dog, watching American Idol on TiVo.

Completely enamored with the new judges, I ended up watching all 2 hours (minus commercials), which now brings us to midnight.  Decided that the dog should sleep with us since we've been missing him so much this week. 

Can't sleep.  Can't sleep.  Can't sleep. 

1:00am, I get up and Steve tells me that he can't sleep either and asks me to put the dog in his kennel.  (Side note:  while Steve and I aren't sleeping, Miles is laying belly-up, between us, with his head on my pillow, almost snoring).

I toss and turn for another hour or so...

4:30am I wake up to strange sounds coming from the kitchen.  Determine that a neighborly rodent must have found what was left of our dinner and has decided to throw a party in our kitchen sink.  Awesome.  It's likely the same guy that had my attention here.  I wake Steve up and we have a very drowsy conversation about our new tenant.

Just as I'm about to drift off, I realize the clock now reads 5:45am and my alarm will be going off in 5 minutes.  I decide that I may as well start my day now.

If you know me in real life, you know that I looooove and neeeeed me some good sleep.  Preferably 8 hours or more.  I barely got 2 hours last night (which is now the night before last) and am draggin'.

I cannot work up the energy to do a Friend Friday post, though the questions this week are very thought-provoking.  What I can do, is tell you about this outfit:

It was SO much fun to wear.  The vest is really too small, but I was able to endure it (I have an idea of how to remedy it with a simple DIY, but you know how those go...).  Even so, this may be one of my proudest vintage/thrifting purchases ever (I blame Anna).

T-shirt:  Target
Necklace:  Thrifted
Blazer/Vest duo:  Vintage, thrifted via ARC's Valu Village
Skirt:  Target
Tights:  Old Navy
Shoes:  DSW
Purse:  Vintage, thrifted


alltumbledown said...

Hate sleepless nights. I woke up at my normal time today even though I'm off from work- ugh! Love the use of the lacey white skirt here, looks great with red.

Work With What You've Got said...

I'm skipping Friend Friday today too, not enough energy.

This is AMAZING. I can't tell the vest is too small at all and I just LOVE the combo of the vest and blazer with that skirt.

Bloggers have been doing a lot of things that I've been calling "unexpected" and this is totally unexpected. I love it!

Between Laundry Days said...

The two-piece vest/jacket combo is some rad shit, I gotta say. I love it!

And I'm so sorry you didn't get enough sleep. Usually, once it's 9:30, I'm tight in bed until 6 am. I need those Zs!

Brittany D'Lynne said...

Amazing outfit. So jealous of that blazer/vest combo. Seriously, this isn't just me thinking "I wish I had that." It's me thinking..."I wish I knew where she lived so I could break in and steal that from her closet ".

Er...just kidding?

Kathrine said...

Now this is what I call an inspired combination! And all this after a sleepless night? Not bad, not bad at all. :) Oh, and these tights, great color! I also need my 8 hours of sleep. Since we moved to Germany I'm not having them. 6 hours max. Sad, but true.

Ashley J said...

This outfit looks great on you! I hope you feel better today and get lots of rest over the weekend!

Katie Aman said...

I love how you paired the blazer/vest with that lacy skirt! It made the outfit so fun-and I love the blue tights with the outfit :)

Vanessa said...

Sorry about the sleepless night! The worst is when you start thinking about how you can't sleep... that psychs me out and makes it even harder to finally get asleep! urg!
This vest and jacket combination just jumped off my google reader page. I adore them. The fit is superb (you cannot tell that the vest may be too tight at all) and the plaid and color are wonderful! I love it with the winter white skirt and dark tights. I dare say it's one of my top favorite looks on you ever!

Laney said...

Looovvve it!

Rebecca said...

I love the blazer/vest combo. I've done Feed My Starving Children with work. it's a great cause!

Andie said...

this is adorable on you! the colors are so bright and fresh and beautiful with your skin tone!

You don't look overtired to me, but I totally understand. I'm SO tired myself...

Jilliebeanie said... all are so kind. My outfits are completely out-of-order. This shot was taken on Sunday after plenty of sleep! :)


Anna said...

LOOOOOOVE it!!! So glad (and a little jealous) it fit you! This adorable thing needed a good home. Wonder where the cream one ended up...You look great and I love that you paired it with that Target lace skirt. I have the same one in pink but haven't worn it yet cause I'm stumped on how to style it.
I use to suffer from insomnia quite often and it's a real drag. Hopefully you can sleep in and take some naps this weekend!

Lauren said...

That is an amazing outfit!! I love the matching blazer and vest and how you paired it with the lace skirt! Beautiful!!

Small Time Style

Nicole said...

Great colors! I love the skirt! Wow that's a lot of snow!

LyddieGal said...

Sorry about your evening -- that is rough!
You do look really gorgeous in this outfit though!

Chic on the Cheap

heidikins said...

I love this vest/blazer combo--so classy!

I hope you get some good sleep, and soon!


mandyface said...

how adorb are you!? love this look!

Chasing Davies said...

I have that lace skirt from Target, but in grey. I wish I would have gotten one in every color, b/c I love it! Very awesome outfit - love the mixture of plaid and lace. :)

MeggyD from Chasing Davies