Monday, February 7, 2011

Day of Rest

It's Monday.  The day we all recover from the weekend.  It's not suppose to be that way.  Sunday is supposed to be the 'day of rest', and though I did drift off on the couch a couple of times yesterday, I was more-so trying to recover my little home from a weekend of neglect. 

Also, we had a sick pup.  He seemed a little out of sorts yesterday morning and when we got home from church, we had some messes to clean up.  Poor baby ate some trash or perhaps a dead animal while playing disc golf on Saturday and reaped the consequences all over the floor. don't want to hear about that.  He's better today anyway.

Did you watch the Superbowl?  I tuned in and out. 
Best Commercials: Doritos/Pug, and Volkswagon/mini-Darth Vader.
Christina messed up the words to Star Spangled Banner, but recovered well.
Harrison Ford seemed inconvenienced by the whole red carpet thing.
Jen Aniston was adorable as always.  She gets botox, right?
Bill O'Riley had a nice chat with Pres. Obama...I guess...whatever.
Sound during the half-time show was atrocious (switch those microphones to the ON position!).
Fergie scares me a little. 
Noticed an increased amount of player/player crotch-grabbing. 
Heated up some queso with a little salsa mixed in.  Called it "dinner".
Then had some powdered sugar mini-donuts and called that "dessert".  No complaints.
Really couldn't have cared less who won the game, which is why I didn't really watch it. 
Green Bay won?  Well, good for them.

Shirt:  Express, Elaina hand-me-down
Sweater:  H&M, thrifted via ARC's Value Village
Dress:  Vintage, thrifted
Tights:  Target
Shoes:  Nine West?, via Herberger's

Check out how Kimberly styled the Traveling Bag for a Cause!


Melissa said...

You look absolutely amazing. I love that dress with the bright yellow cardigan and the shoulders are so cute!

Yep, those were {most of} my highlights from watching too. Wait, there was a game in between commercials? I zoned out.

Lise Marie said...

I had the same thoughts about Fergie and the microphone. And the little darth vader commercial was great! My kids loved the Ozzie/Justin Beiber one.
You look great today and very sunny!

heidikins said...

I love the puffy sleeves!!! So adorable!


Between Laundry Days said...

You look great! I love the strong shoulders of that jacket. :)

Rebecca said...

Sorry miles was sick. You look super cute, and I love the yellow with the plaid.

Victoria said...

Creative color combo.

Babes in Thriftland said...

Love this combo of colors! What ARC's Value Village do you go to?

silvergirl said...

your jacket is so on-trend right now it isn't even funny
i like the way you think in terms of dinner and dessert!!

Tara said...

I love this combo, its so look great!

Anonymous said...

Everything in that list had me cracking up! I thought almost the same thoughts yesterday minus the You look great as well, the red plaid dress with the yellow cardigan is very pretty!

Emily said...

Cute outfit! I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. I sometimes use church as a test-run arena for work outfits - do you do that too? Or am I out on a limb here?

Brittney said...

first: the SLEEVES! and the COLOR! i love this. like, so much. you look adorable and sassy and chic all rolled into one.
and, check it: yesterday when we got home from church, we saw our poor puppy cowering in the back corner of his crate, and something that looked suspiciously like poop in the front of his crate. he's never done that before, and we just felt awful for him. as i start to clean it up, though, i realize it's an ATHLETIC SOCK that he had swallowed and barfed up. ?!?!?!?! we're lucky the dude didn't choke and die. seriously. it was enormous! and nasty. poor thing.
makes you want to be friends me with me & my dog now, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my best color combination, EVER. LOVE the sleeves, love the plaid! Hopefully Miles is on the mend. I heart him!