Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I don't know about you, but I have become ridiculously picky about fit in my old age.  Fit as in, shoulder seams, saggy butts, waist gaping, pant length, button pulling, so on and so forth.  This vintage blouse is a good example of sagging shoulder seams.  I find this often with vintage shirts.  If it fits in the chest, it will likely be too big in the shoulders.  (Small body, big boobs. I'll cry myself a river while listening to a Dolly Pardon cd later, ok?) 

So this is my "if shoulders don't fit, hide with a sweater vest" mentality in action.  Not be confused with "if pants are too long, buy taller shoes" advice.  Similar, but different.

Just so you don't completely freak out when you read the outfit details, this sweater is Abercrombie & Fitch, a store I have not graced with my presence for a good 10 years.  I wish I could say my entire life, but that would be a lie.  I used to covet their stuff.  Not because I liked it, but because everyone else liked it and as an insecure, pimple-faced teenager, I wanted to be like everyone else.  Also, I couldn't afford it and I always want what I can't afford.  I've proudly graduated to Anthropologie.  Thank you.

Oh, so my point was going to be (before I began boring you with details of teenage Jill), that though I don't shop at places like A&F or Holister, I'm not against wearing their stuff so long as I didn't pay for it and it doesn't have a logo on it anywhere.  Are we clear?  Ok, thanks for listening.

Sweater:  Abercrombie & Fitch via Ashley's closet
Blouse:  Vintage, thrifted
Skirt:  J. Crew
Tights:  Target?
Shoes:  Madden Girl via Endless.com


Dawn said...

Small body big boobs girl over here too. I feel your pain :(

J.Me. said...

I'm getting more finnicky about fits myself.

Gracey said...

I'm feeling you on the fit pickiness (not sure that's how you spell that). I actually went through my closet a little last night and got rid of several things that fit in one place, but not another. I'm the opposite of you - broad (seriously broad) shoulders, negligible boobage. I'm trying to only buy (and keep) things that truly fit me well; but, it's hard going.

Pearl Girls said...

I love that blouse. For some reason I never have any kind of success when thrifting.


Melissa said...

You make me laugh, have I mentioned that before?

That bright yellow skirt is really quite fabulous, and I love it with the plaid and the sweater. You look awesome!

eek said...

Fabulous yellow skirt! I wish I had your problem with the way shirts fit ;)

I used to go into A&F to see what they had, but finally decided to stop before I got arrested for underage shopping. :)

Rebecca said...

Life's too short to wear clothes that don't fit well. I like to be comfortable!

Tara said...

That skirt is awesome...I love how you've styled it to make it seasonally appropriate :)


Anonymous said...

thank you for explaining EXACTLY how I feel/felt about A & F as a teenager and now. :)

Kyla said...

I'm also very picky about how my clothes fit these days. Mainly because I'm royally uncomfortable in ill-fitting clothing. I can't believe all of the horrible fits I used to deal with when I was younger - and often times to fit into something that was "for the crowd" and not for me.

Brittney said...

how about no-boobs enormous-shoulders girls like me? whaddya have to say to US, huh?
i'm dying at how RIGHT you are about A&F. i never bought anything from there but wanted to for the same reasons (i swear we're twins separated at birth. 'cept apparently you stole all my boob cells in utero, so i'm kinda mad about that). i totally have an aversion to logos-on-clothes.
annnnnd you look awesome in that yellow skirt. love everything paired here, you adorable thing you.

heidikins said...

LOVE those shoes! So fantastic!


Nicole said...

I am having some serious issues with fit right now...ugh. Love your outfit! The yellow is fab!

silvergirl said...

love your post today
recently was given a sweater from Aeorpostle, no logo, so it went into the closet. LOL

Iris said...

You crack me up! I am loving the florescent skirt most of all :) Way to fight the doldrums.

Between Laundry Days said...

So I think this is my new favorite combination. Yellow, dark plaid, and gray! Fantastic.

two birds said...

i love that skirt and i love how you styled it! i just thrifted a yellow skirt and needed some inspiration, so thank you! also, my hubby calls me a BBLB (big boobs, little body) so i feel you on that too! HA!

Lauren said...

Oh Man! Seeing this makes me wish I but another short sleeved sweater in my 30x30!! Too adorable!

Sparrow & Urchin