Friday, March 18, 2011

Friend Friday: Lessons Learned

FBFF Question:  So far, what have been the 5 hardest blogging lessons you’ve learned during this process that have helped make you a better blogger?

1.  The posts I work hardest on, aren't always the most popular (comment-wise).  But that doesn't mean they aren't worth while.
2.  Stepping out of my "comfort-zone" (I hate that term), is necessary for growth and feeling part of the community.
3.  When the technical stuff gets frustrating, don't give up.  Research, ask around, try again.
4.  Quality over quantity.  I don't post stuff just for the sake of more content.  If it isn't good, it doesn't fly.  I try to apply this to pictures, giveaways, writing concepts, product reviews, shopping info., whatever.
5.  Perfection is relative.  I'm not Jane, Jessica, Sydney, Kendi or anyone else.  So I won't try to be. 

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Wrap (as scarf):  Street Merchant, Cabo
Tee:  Ross, Atlanta
Dress:  Target
Tights:  Target
Shoes:  Enzo Angiolini, thrifted
Bag:  Thrifted via ARC's Value Village


Deirdre said...

Love the outfit! I have those shoes except mine are the black patent and black leather combination.

monster cakes said...

Firstly, your hair would be SO darling short!!! Just sayin'. I can tell you have the right face and texture. Love it! Secondly, I love your blog specifically because your are NOT Kendi, Jessica, etc. I love them, too, but sometimes it's nice to meet a blogger just like me who juggles God, work, family, hobbies, etc.. I can relate better, ya know? And can I just say that considering all that you juggle around, your blog quality is fantastic, and that's what keeps me coming back. : )

Rebecca said...

Great answers. I especially agree with #5.

two birds said...

great answers! i totally agree with each one. also, i am in love with those shoes! and the bag is super cute too!

Minnesota Maven said...

I agree with the others, great answers! Plus thanks for the tip on living social, I've been looking for a way that I can help and you've made it easy for me! Thanks.

Nicole said...

Great outfit and great post! Totally agree with all of this and you should be you...and you are pretty awesome girlie :)

Kellie said...

Love your shoes! Great FBFF answers :)

Along Abbey Road said...

You have the cutest blog ever and amazing style! Following you, check. Using this outfit as inspiration for my next find, check.

Can we be blog friends?

Along Abbey Road

Harley said...

I am obsessed with your shoes.
There are not words.
and thrifted.
you rock.