Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At the Opera

photo:  c/o Bombshell Beauty

You guys.  Le Miserable and Phantom of the Opera are Musicals, not Operas.  This I now know for certain since attending Minnesota Opera's Blogger Preview night - Bernard Hermann's Wuthering Heights.  It was tragedy and drama like I'd never experienced in theater before.  Perfectly romantically drearily dark and wonderful. Do you know the story?  I had not read the book or seen any PBS specials of the classic novel, so it was all new to me.

The Opera was much better than I expected.  Not only is the whole thing in English (thank goodness), but there are also subtitles provided (because some of those notes don't come in every consonent).  Speaking of notes, the singing...holy macaroli.  Catherine Earnshaw's character played by Sara Jakubiak possesses the most outstanding vocals I have ever heard.

The set was also impressive, with some amazing video technology and 3-D effects.  It felt like we were really there.  During intermission, we were able to take a peek back stage.  I've been to numerous shows at Ordway, so it was a real treat to see it behind the scenes.

I attended the event with my good friend Lori.  We met up with Daniel from MNOpera and the rest of the bloggy crew at Sakura in St. Paul and pigged out on tasty appetizers.  It was so fun meeting other local bloggers including Sara of Bombshell Beauty, Emily of Wandering About, Molly of The Way I Am, Emily of TC Jewfolk, and Kate of Girl Meets Geek, along with others from the press and MNOpera.  Michael Christie, the conductor for the show (who I believe to be Ron Livingston's twin) took the time to greet us all, briefly explain the history behind Wuthering Heights Opera, and answer some questions. 

Photo:  c/o Girly Muse

These are the days when I love living in the Twin Cities (regardless that it snowed on Friday!).  The people here are so diverse, yet most all of us agree on one thing - growing and supporting the arts.  There is no entertainment that compares to live theater/music and I'm so grateful to have had this experience with the Minnesota Opera.  I highly encourage you to check it out (twitter, facebook, YouTube).  Wuthering Heights runs through April 23 and tickets are available here.  Oh!  And if you're between the ages of 21-39, check out Tempo - culture CAN be affordable!


Rebecca said...

You all look cute, and I like your belt.

Lauren said...

That event sounds like a dream come true for me!! I LOVE Wuthering Heights - I read it for the first time in 10th grade and was lucky enough to have an English teacher who captured its Romantic sensibilities and was able to teach that to us. Coupling that tale with opera sounds like a dream come true for this music lover!! It almost makes me want to move to MN (then you mentioned that it snowed and that desire evaporated :)). How fun to have such a great local arts scene!!

Girly Muse said...

Thanks for covering for me with the 2nd plate of sushi. :) FUN night!

Anonymous said...

So sophisticated and simple. I love it.

Bombshell Beauty said...

I'm so glad you were able to come - next time around, we WILL sit next to each other and chat. Your outfit was sooo great- very chic and artistic.

Ruby Girl said...

Way to be cultured and attend a REAL opera. Thanks for educating me: I am among those who did not know the musical/opera distinction :) PS-love the brown/black combo in your outift! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com