Friday, April 15, 2011

Knees Please

TGIF.  I'm pooped.  How I would love to do a FBFF or Weekly Gratitude post today, but my hurts.  Counting on a whole lot of carbs and coffee to get me through the next few days with the fashion event of the year tonight and likely working on our bathroom remodel this weekend.

I am oddly obsessed with knees and elbows, so I welcome any special attention to these body parts.  It must be the extra skin that is so appealing.  I like to grab at loose elbow skin and smush knee skin together so it looks all wrinkly.  Is that gross?  I don't care.  It is also why I like Pugs and Bulldogs and Sharpeis...extra skin.  However, it is not why I like old people.  I like old people because they're funny and wise.

I'm all about elbow or knee patches as a fashion statement.  When I saw these thigh-highs I just couldn't contain myself.  They were on sale (even cheaper now!).  Buy them I did.  They're a little hard to style without being clownish, but I'm ok with how this outfit turned out.  My husband wasn't so sure given the length of this dress, windiness of the day, and appropriateness of wearing this to church.  But I was ever-so careful.  Really, I was.

Dress:  H&M
Thigh-highs:  Hansel from Basel
Shoes:  DSW


Laney said...

I love the thigh highs!

two birds said...

buying them! have fun tonight...i so wish i could go! i'm sure you will blog about it, so i look forward to reading about it!

Anonymous said...

Cute thigh highs they look great on you, but will look crazy on me. So I'll just stay inspired. GREAT outfit!! :)

Rebecca said...

Those thigh highs are fantastic. I want them!

Kayla said...

You can do the Gratitude post whenever you feel up for it. I'd love to see your answers.

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Abbe said...

I love this look! And I like pulling on the extra elbow skin too... I guess maybe that is not as weird as I thought!!


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Anonymous said...

Love the knee patch. But seriously, the fact that you have a quote from Anne Shirley on your sidebar is enough to make me want to read your blog each day.:)

Ruby Girl said...

ooo those tights are amazing! basically, this whole look is. and can i just say? you are hilarious. i love your opening paragraph in this post. esp the part about the fashion night of the year and bathroom remodel all in one sentence. super cute. oo and the carbs & coffee part. i hear ya. <3