Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maxi Madness

Ok fine.  I suppose I'll dig deep in my summer wardrobe bins located in my cluttered garage in order to find the only maxi dress I own so I can take part in this month's Everybody Everywear challenge.  Regardless of the fact that neither this fabric nor this print look quite right when there is still snow on the ground.  It's no secret that I'm not a fan of maxi dresses (on me), but I might be coming around to wearing them as skirts.  My husband might put up a fight (he likes my legs - bonus!).  This pairing was actually rather comfy.  And I must've chosen the right shoe height, because I didn't trip - notta once.  Me thinks that deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.  Walking is hard.

Ok all you crafters - and non-crafters like moi.  If you haven't already joined Indiana's new Made This / Love This DIY collective, you totally should.  It's what prompted me to make these fun t-shirt scarves.  Go ahead, get your crafty on and be my friend.  It'll be fun.

Scarves:  I made 'em!
Sweater:  Karma
Dress (as skirt):  TJ Maxx
Boots:  Madden Girl

Maxi Skirt/Dress </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear 


the peach chablis said...

I always overlook wearing maxi's as skirts. I thought you were wearing a skirt until you said something. I must try this more often!

Franca said...

love the scarves and you are totally rocking the maxi! I sort of feel the same about maxi things (that I don't like them on me) but I'm coming round!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Adorable! You and the maxi! Love that you made the 'scarf/necklace'. Awesome color mix.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love how you did this whole look with the scarves and the great print! Good job!

two birds said...

i keep seeing these scarves all over the blog world...i really should try to make one myself! love your outfit...so springy (yes, it's here...hopefully!)

Harley said...

Love this. So comfy. So cute. So colorful.

Kinda perfect.


Laney said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

love the print in the Maxi skirt and OMG, I am so going over to check out that DIY project. I love that!!! :)

Lauren said...

I love how you make something look so chic and easy to do!! great color combos going on here :)

Kayla said...

You did an amazing job with the scarves. They're amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I recognized those scarves - they look fatastic! I made some as well (from Indiana's DIY tutorial). The skirt doesn't look too summery. And the paisely is great!

KT said...

I love wearing a maxi as a skirt. It certainly puts a different look and feel to the dress. And it lets you play around with the long hem line trend without trying to pull of a maxi - if it isn't for you. - Katy

Melissa said...

I love the scarves! I wonder if my boss would consider them more of a necklace and therefore unacceptable. Heh.

You look fantastic in those bright colors!!!

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Anonymous said...

You win the award for the most colorful and fun maxi I have seen so far. I love it! Thanks for the DIY link I'm on my way to check it out.

Eleanor said...

That will be the perfect summer dress though...those colors!
Very Lilly Pulitzer if you ask me!
You need a vacay to Palm Beach stat!

silvergirl said...

cute look even if it is still freezing where you are
state of mind and all of that right
hopping over to check out the site you mentioned in your blog
necklaces are too cool

Girly Muse said...

I think you rock this look! (I do like your legs too)

Will totally be doing that with G's old t-shirts~ we could both use some fun scarves.

Dana - Curvy With A Side Of Confidence said...

I love the colors! I totally joined. What a fantastic idea. If my stuff turns out half as good as that scarf I'm going to love it.

hurricanekerrie said...

The summery pattern and color of this dress is adorable! Glad you got to wear it today. Can you believe it--"maybe" snow again this weekend?!? Unbelievable, Minnesota.

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Love the triple colorful infinity scarves. Looks so bright and cheery with that pink paisley skirt.

Nice job.


WobiSobi said...

You look Beautiful!!

Brittney said...

you embody springtime color, my friend. love the tee-scarves. love the skirt. congrats on rummaging through the garage bins to find it--that's true dedication. i probably wouldn't be able to FIND the bins in my garage, let alone discover the one article i'm looking for. so. your search&rescue skills are highly commendable.

Anna said...

Love this outfit!! And those scarves are awesome. I'm gathering up a bunch of t-shirts to try this project this weekend.

JB said...

I LOVE the paisley! I also tried a maxi dress as a skirt--I love the look of it!

Linda said...

Oh man. You reminded me that while I signed up for that site, I have yet to make my t-shirt scarf. Oopsy. I love that the scarves bring out the colors of your maxi dress.
Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Those look great! Love the way you made them so bright and fun. I joined too, for sure trying the next challenge. Love the maxi!

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Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Paisley print is my favorite! Great EBEW look!


P.S: I´m having a 100$ beauty giveaway for Chanel, YSL... products. I thought you might be interested! ;)