Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Business

Hello Friends!  What a glorious little vacation.  It went by way too fast.  I....

played disc golf
caught up on Idol
dog training
saw Pirates 4 at the drive-in
smashed my finger in the car door
emptied kitchen cabinets
shopped with Erin
Memorial Day with family
moved in with inlaws (while kitchen is being refinished)

And the good times just keep on rollin'...work-week or not.  I'll try to get a few posts up here and there and catch up on blogs when I can...I love/hate busy-ness.

As for the lucky recipient of the Family 4 Pack to Cirque....

It's two birds!!!  Congratulations!  I know you will absolutely LOVE the show!  You'll hear from me soon.


Melissa said...

Wow, you WERE busy! But naps? Glorious.

Hope your finger is doing okay!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

two birds said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!! that sounds like a wonderful weekend!
thanks again!

Babes in Thriftland said...

Yay! 2 nicer gals couldn't have won. Expect for me of course. Shopping was so fun!! I can't wait to do something with you again and see how you style all the loot we got!