Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everybody Wearing Floral

Let's all applaud this year's floral trend, shall we?  (clapety-clap-clap-clap)

I love it.  It's all pretty and girly and pretty n' stuff.  I said pretty twice.  Whoops.

Are YOU donning florals today?  Me neither.  I wore this on Sunday.  But Everybody Everywear is.  No pressure or anything.

My awesome headband didn't show up at all in this picture.  Boo.  You'd be so impressed.  Good thing I bought 3 of them.  One is sure to make it into a photo soon.

I have something to tell you.  Ready?  Brace yourselves. 

Another outfit will be posting in a few hours. 

That's it.  That's my news.  What were you expecting?  Two outfit posts in one day from me...that's a big ol' deal, right?  You're excited.  I know you are.  Continuing The Shirt remix as promised....

Jacket:  Gap, thrifted
Shirt:  Target
Skirt:  Vintage via Mighty Swell
Shoes:  Target
Bag:  Ecko Red via TJMaxx

Check it:  Erin styled the Traveling Bag for a Cause!



Judy C said...

What a terrific outfit. I think I like everything about it. And it looks wonderful on you.

alltumbledown said...

Love the mix of patterns. And that skirt is standout!

Faith J. said...

Yikes, it's a floral invasion! Almost all outfit posts in my Blogger dashboard today include florals! :) I don't have anything floral, not my style, but looks smashing on everyone!

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

Love the stripes with the florals, I paired mine that same way! Great minds think alike.

Fashion Momma said...

1. I love this post. You wrote it exactly like how I feel today. One thing, next thing, exciting thing, and moving on to another thing. :)
2. Best. Skirt. Ever.

Style Journey said...

You are so brave! I am scared to wear stripes and florals together, but you look great! I need to give it a try.

Melissa said...

Ooooh, I love the pattern mixing! You look like a page out of an 80's magazine with the denim jacket and tulip shaped skirt, I love it!

I didn't wear my florals today either. I used a post from last month! Cheater!

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Harley said...

love love love your skirt. You look so cute!

Bre said...

Super cute. Even if you didn't wear it today I won't tell.

Frannie Pantz said...

You are so funny! Your outfit is super cute too. I like the denim jacket paired with the florals.

Liz said...

Awesome skirt Jill! Love the retro feel of it and that shade of blue? So pretty.

Thanks for sharing at EBEW :)

Gracey said...

What? Floral and pattern-mixing? Very impressive, Miss.

Gracey said...

What? Floral and pattern-mixing? Very impressive, Miss.

Anonymous said...

love this and love the bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this skirt on you! Looks familiar ;)


Emily said...

I love all the bright colors together, especially the blue shoes!


silvergirl said...

one of my new favorite things mixing a stripe shirt with a floral skirt!

Anonymous said...

Super cool skirt! I love the print and peplum shape. Great outfit!! :)

Meagan said...

That skirt is sooo pretty. I am crazy about this year's floral trend too.

MaryBeth said...

That skirt is fab! If I had seen it before you, it would have been miiinnneee ;)