Monday, May 16, 2011


Who knew the history of underwear could be so entertaining?  This was my first year attending RetroRama at the MN History Center.  I am happy to report that the event exceeded expectations and was definitely one of the better fashion gigs that I've been to - one that I will gladly attend next year.  Lots of stuff to do and see with a little history lesson thrown in.

The theme coincided with the Minnesota History Center's "Underwear: A Brief History" exibit featuring native Minnesota company Munsingwear.  Most attendees dressed in vintage and several snappy dressers strutted their stuff on the catwalk after the runway show where designers Christopher Straub, Danielle Everine, Samantha Rei, Heather Luca and Sarah White wowed us with their interpretations of vintage undergarments.

My date and I crafted our funky glasses.  Aren't they fab (wink, wink)?  We also played a round of 'Win, Lose or Drink'...we lost...badly.  We each had a rather strong cocktail (nothing to do with the game).  Actually got seats for the runway show (yeh!).  Browsed the vintage vendors - Blacklist Vintage is now on my list of shops to check out.  Took part in a vintage photo shoot.  Giggled a lot.

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Rebecca said...

I like your glasses, and I'll have to check out that vintage store.