Monday, June 27, 2011

Classic Pump

Ah, yes.  The classic pump.  This is my favorite type of shoe.  It's just so....classy (duh).  A no-brainer, looks-great-with-everything, never-out-of-style style.  They make my short legs look long and my ankles appear extra skinny - win!   

Jessica Simpson Collection is one of my favorite brands for pretty footwear.  I think the quality and comfort level is very good for the price...especially if you're watching for sales like moi.  These beauts are on sale for $50-$60 depending on color.  I have my eye on the taupe and navy.  Modern, navy pumps aren't easy to find in my world.  Of course, I'm likely to wait too long for the price to go down even further and miss my window of opportunity.  I'm cheap and indecisive like that.

Back to the conversation about my struggle with wardrobe do not apply.  How 'bout you?


Kate said...

I love these because the heel isn't a stiletto, which means pretty shoes + extra stability without the full-on chunk. Good find, though I'm just like you in terms of price. I would never spend that much on a pair of shoes, probably to my own detriment.

Gracey said...

I am pretty impressed with Jessica Simpson's shoes, my only beef is that they often have a monster heel. And at six foot, I don't always *need* an extra 5 inches, you know? But, I'd probably still rock than burgundy patent pair.

Taylor said...

Why *are* navy shoes so hard to find? Every pair I own, I have ordered online.

I LOVE Jessica Simpson shoes. I have about 17 styles "pinned" currently. I got married in a pair of red rounded-toe J-Simp stilettos!

Rebecca said...

I'll take a pair of the red patent ones.

Meri said...

I like the taupe ones too- but I'm short so I'm always looking for tan or neutral shoes to try to "lengthen my legs" which probably doesn't even work... :)