Thursday, June 2, 2011

Copycat: Just Because

Jean jacket - check.
Striped shirt - check.
Short, black skirt - check.  (is she wearing shorts?)
Black booties - check.
Necklaces - shoot.  I hate it when I forget the accessories.  Oh well.

Sometimes, I trade flattery for fun.  It's worth it.  Just because I have hips doesn't mean I can't wear a voluminous tutu.  Just because my legs aren't a mile long and pencil thin doesn't mean I can't wear ankle booties.  Just because my skin is florescent white doesn't mean I have to cover it up or dowse myself in bronzer. 

I'm an independent woman.  It's time my wardrobe choices reflect that.  I'm learning how to wear what I want.  The days that I do, I really enjoy it.

Jacket:  Gap, thrifted
Shirt:  Boutique in one of the Caribbean Islands, don't remember which one
Skirt:  Target, kids department
Socks:  Jessica Simpson via DSW
Booties:  Thrifted via My Sister's Closet


Lauren said...

I'm totally with you Jill!! Fun over flattery is sometimes the best way to go - if you love an outfit and rock it with a happy confidence - well, that's all one really needs to have style, right? :)

Love this outfit - it's so fun, frilly, and flattering! A trifecta!

Frannie Pantz said...

I love that you are wearing what you want and like. It shows in your smile! I think the tutu is divine!

Girly Muse said...

SUPER cute! I've been known to steal my daughter's tutus too~ I never regret it, makes for a fun day. xo

monster cakes said...

Definitely one of my favorite outfits. : )

two birds said...

i have that exact same tutu, and my hips are WAY wider than yours! you look adorable! i love your take on the outfit!

Mrs Spanglish said...

Love this outfit! I think you look gorgeous!

Melissa said...

LOOOOOVE. You look absolutely amazing! I'm so proud of you for wearing what you want regardless of "rules". Rules are dumb. And look how gorgeous you are!

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Rebecca said...

That tutu is super fun. You are rocking that copycat look!

Brittney said...

cuuuute! you look adorbs. and i love your outlook, even though you could absolutely pull off anything because you're a hottie.

Deborah said...

If you fit into something from the kid's department you are doing pretty good in my book!

This is truly adorable and you rock it. I don't think everyone could.