Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Copycat: Rolled Up

I've been doing this a lot lately...layering oxford shirts.  I find that it works best with light-weight camp shirts because they have the button on the arm that allows you to roll and tack the sleeves.  If both shirts have this, you can attach the tab of the inner shirt to the button of the outer shirt.  It's brilliant, you should try it.  And make sure the inner shirt doesn't have flap pockets (like these), or it might look weird. Weird isn't necessarily the goal here.

I should mention that something seems to have happened with Blogger's upgrade and I have not been able to comment on some of your lovely blogs ever since.  Unless I'm on my MacBook, I'm using some version of Internet Explorer and for blogs who use both Blogger's comment moderation and word verification, it sends me on an endless trip to Nowheresville.  I tested my own blog (though I no longer use word verification) and everything seems to be fine.  But if you do ever have issues here, please don't hesitate to email me.   This upgrade has been painful and I would hate for something to be wrong and not know about it.  This is supposed to be fun, not frustrating.  Right, Blogger!?

Speaking of fun...this silly pet alien of mine...for reals.

Hat:  PacSun
Blue Shirt:  Ralph Lauren, thrifted
B&W Shirt:  H&M
Shorts:  H&M
Shoes:  Target


Style Journey said...

What a cute outfit! Love how you mixed patterns with the two oxfords. And your sandals are awesome!

The pug is so cute! He looks very studly :)

Kimi said...

I honestly can't get enough of your pet alien. He is the shiznit.

As for Blogger - lame!! I switched to Chrome because IE still doesn't work on some Blogger blogs. This has been going on for well over a month.

Anna said...

Cute! I love the idea of layering oxford shirts! You are a brilliant lady!
ps. I'm posting the Traveling Bag today...

Melissa said...

You look adorable, I love the animal print and those bright shorts!

Blogger's been really wonky lately. I hope they get all this stuff fixed, SOON!

KT said...

Love how you took this look and gave it your own spin. It's so fun and chic. I never think to do that! Oh and the hat is great! - Katy

Rebecca said...

You look super cute, and I am always happy to see Miles!

eek said...

funny -I have been having issues with blogger on our desktop, but my macbook is working just fine!

I love the layered tops too - you look great!

Fashion Momma said...

I love your copycat posts. You're so good at recreating a look and adding a Jill spin on it! Blogger's been frustrating the heck out of me, too. What in the world is going on?!