Friday, June 10, 2011

Friend Friday: Summer Trends

Feels like it's been a while since I participated in Friend Friday.  Certainly not because I haven't wanted to.  But this week's topic is summer trends, so I wouldn't miss it!  Everybody's linkin' up over at Modly Chic.

1 & 2.  Shorts and Blazers:  Seems like an oxymoron (funnest word ever), but I think the shorts+blazer look is so incredibly cute.  I'm obsessed with layering, so anyway I can chicly work it into my summer ensembles, I'm game.  The double oxford + blazer look below - ugh...shut up, Boden, I can't afford you.

Fossil Women's Clothing

3.  Longer Lengths:  I can't believe I'm saying this.  But ever since I wore my one and only maxi dress as a skirt, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the niceties of longer lengths.  For example, I would not be required to shave my legs.  Reason enough for me.  My only stipulation - dresses must have proper bra coverage - like the one from Shabby Apple.  Otherwise, it may as well be a skirt.  Speaking of skirts, I purchased a vintage maxi skirt while shopping with Erin last week.  Quite excited about it.

Shop ModCloth

Women's Dresses from Shabby Apple

4.  Funky Tennies:  Have you seen the new styles Keds has been putting out this season?  Love love love.  Happy feet inside and out.


5.  Denim Accessories:  This probably isn't a trend.  Maybe last week it was, but definitely not this week.  I have a serious crush on denim.  Always have, always will.  When I can't fit it into my work dress code any other way, I turn to accessories.  A darling pair of denim, t-strap heels have been waiting patiently in my closet since early spring.  I think it's time they make their debut.

Fossil Women's Handbags

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Carrie said...

Loving all of these trends! I am definitely going to be rocking that shorts and blazer look this summer!


Mrs Spanglish said...

I am so with you on the shorts+blazer combo! plus layering is always good for Minnesota :)

Shopgirl said...

Maxi dresses are my summer staple - easy and glamorous :)

Great post!

KT said...

A couple other bloggers mentioned the shorts with blazer combo and I have to agree it's great! The shorts are relaxed but the blazer is polished - a perfect combo for so many summer activities. - Katy