Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winning Wraps

Funny thing about this dress...I purchased it several years ago at Old Navy.  It was on clearance for $10.  I had to really think about it, even at that super low price.  I just wasn't sure if I liked the print or color scheme.  Considering the style (easy one-piece) and fabric (wrinkle-free), I bought it thinking it would be a good grab-and-go dress for those mornings when I'm...
a) in a hurry
b) don't feel like ironing
c) staring blankly into my closet abyss internally complaining that I have nothing to wear!
d) all of the above.   
Those mornings are somewhat frequent, so the dress came home with me.

It has served it's purpose and then some.  This particular day, I...
1) went to work
2) attended a class
3) went to an interview-thingy
4) took the dog to the vet
5) had dinner/music date with the hubby. 
This easy little $10 dress from Old Navy was appropriate and comfortable from 6am-11pm, and I got about a bazillion compliments on it.  THAT is one winning garment if I do say so...(I do). 

The most versatile and flattering wrap dresses will have particular design elements:
1)  sleeves (3/4 is my preference)
2)  slip or cami option (not necessarily the built-in kind)
3)  knee-length or slightly above
4)  wrinkle-free (poly-blends are the best!).

As a girl with an hourglass figure who wears many hats (figuratively and literally) in life, I find that wrap dresses play a vital role in my wardrobe.  Ms. DvF gets two thumbs up and a curtsy from me for this brilliant design.  What do you think of the infamous wrap dress?

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Dress:  Old Navy
Bag:  Target
Shoes: ?



Tara said...

I think you look so pretty! I think the dress is so fun and looks super flattering. Your hair looks adorable as well!

Mix and Match Fashion

LyddieGal said...

That is a cute chevron dress! The somewhat abstract print is cool, the monochrome makes it versatile -- i love dresses like that!

Kimberly said...

I have this dress in the teal/turquoise version and it is such a great grab and go dress! You look great!

April said...

Love it! Great $10 buy! Hope the pup is doing better...

Frannie Pantz said...

Perfect $10 buy! I love the pattern and I mostly love a dress that can take you through all events of the day with ease!

Melissa said...

Well I think this one is FABULOUS! I love the flowers on it and the black/white/gray scheme is PERFECT to wear with everything! You look gorgeous.

Kate said...

I'm a big fan of the wrap and it looks great on you here! Also, your haircut seems to be growing out supercute!

Anna said...

You look gorgeous!!
And as a girl with hips, I am a fan of the wrap dress.

Anonymous said...

Cute dress! Since I'm top heavy wrap dresses are not always on my side, but sometimes it works.

Great find and buy!!

eek said...

You look gorgeous! This doesn't even look remotely close to anything from Old Navy - great purchase!

Anonymous said...

Big fan of the wrap! It works for every body type and I agree, it's nice to have one to throw on when you're feeling uninspired.

Layered Black said...

so happy to see you are a fellow MN blogger!! :)