Friday, July 29, 2011

Jungle Heat

There was a rumor last week (or the week before?) that Minnesota was the hottest place on the planet.  Taking both the temp and humidity into consideration, hotter than the Amazon jungle...something ridiculous like that.  It's hard for me to believe.  In any case, it's been hot.  Too hot, some say.  Just right, say others.  Tolerable, says I.  Since my days are spent in an air conditioned office, a little heat is a-ok with me.  I can go sleeveless at work, but always bring an extra layer - like this pashmina scarf.  I like to think of it as my office binky.

It's finally Friday.  Holla!  (FYI - Urban Dictionary words and phrases are slowly taking over my vocabulary.  It's about to get real classy up in here.)

Shirt:  JCPenny
Skirt:  Target
Belt:  thrifted
Shoes:  DSW
Scarf:  cruise ship store
Purse:  TJMaxx

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outfitting You (and me too)

Red dress, yellow shoes = Minnie Mouse approved.

Pretty cut-outs and sleek patents in nude.

Too risque for heels, so I chose flatforms in a neutral hue.

Three cheers!  For Red, Rope, and Blue.

Soft pastels and flowers in bloom.

Didn't know I was a freestyle rapper in my spare time, did ya?  That's not true.  I don't have spare time.  That's not true either.  If I didn't have spare time, I would not have been able to come up with these cute dress + wedge combos from  I've only ever shopped GoJane for shoes...never been a huge fan of their clothing.  But to my surprise, a few new styles caught my eye. Oh!  There I go rapping again.  I can't help it!

Blogger Meetup

I might be the last one to post about the wonderful blogger meet-up that took place on Saturday!  It was such a treat to meet several of my long-time blog crushes in person, hang with a few I already have real-life connections with, reconnect with those I've only met briefly before, and best of all...find NEW bloggy friends! 

Do click around in the names below.  You'll find a ton of new inspiration, I just know it.

Not pictured:  Silke, Sara, Winnie, Ashley, Heidi, am I missing anyone?

Photo by Mari of UpperRoom Photography

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Copycat: Straps & Boots

I gave up on spaghetti straps a long time ago.  They gave me too much grief.  Several have stayed in my closet - the ones that can be easily layered with a tee or tank under, a cardigan over, or both.  But I'm not buying any new strappy dresses.  Ever.  I swear. 

Well, I take back the swearing.  There may be an exception some day.

Now thanks to this look from Fossil, I'm scouring the thrift stores for real cowgirl boots.  Mine are McFakes and not as sturdy or comfortable as I would expect real cowboy boots would be.  I would wear them with everything - dresses, skinnies, a house, with a mouse, here and there, I would wear them anywhere.  I would.  I swear.  And I really mean it this time.

Yesterday was my first official day at Hot Mama.  I read how the concept for the company was born, learned several different shirt and pant folds, and got to try on a bunch of different jeans to find out what makes them unique and expensive

Honest to goodness, I tried on a pair of jeans that were softer than the softest pjs, and uber flattering.  Pretty sure they're worn in heaven.  No doubt worth the $100+ price tag.  I haven't memorized all of the brands and styles yet, but when I do, this blog will likely be the dumping ground for my new found information.  Prepare to know more than you ever cared to about denim.  You've been warned.

Dress: H&M
Boots:  Rampage via Marshall's
Bag:  Elaina Designs

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Fossil,

Please outfit me for fall.  Or better yet, the rest of my life.  I love you.

xo, Jill

Monday, July 25, 2011


Headband:  Urban Halo, blogger event swag bag
Shirt:  Vintage, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Shorts:  7 for all Mankind, thrifted
Shoes:  DSW

Good Monday mornin'!  So much to share, so little time.  My weeks have been jam-packed with fun.  This particular day, the boys and I made the short trip to Hastings, MN for no particular reason.  Just grabbed some ice cream and took a little walk along the river. 

A special "Hi, Friends!" to all of the lovely bloggers that made it to the meet-up on Saturday!  It was such a treat to meet you all in person!  More about that later...

Friday, July 22, 2011

FBFF: What's in my Bag?

Book - Comb - $1 cash - Camera - 3 sets of keys (home, work, church) - Lime Lip Smackers - Aveda colored lip gloss - Wallet & checkbook - iphone - stolen office supplies (that I keep forgetting to return) - Cucumber hand lotion - 2 pack of gum - Moo business cards - maxi pad - sunglasses.

FBFFer's are sharing the contents for their bags on A Pretty Nest today.  

I took work off today to help Lori prepare for the Minnesota Fashion Blogger meet-up tomorrow.  Perhaps you've seen little glimpses of our day on my Twitter?  I'm so excited to meet these stylish, local ladies in person!  

Hat:  Midway Sadium
Shirt:  Stella Blue
Jeans:  Target
Shoes:  WalMart
Bag:  Thrifted via ARC's Value Village

Fashion was the furthest thing from my mind getting dressed this morning.  Good thing, because boy did we sweat!  I was hoping to wear this to the St. Paul Saints baseball game tonight, but these clothes went straight to the wash when I got home.  As did I - a shower never felt so good!

My shirt says "St. Paul is the new Minneapolis".  I don't know if that's really true, but a little local rivalry never hurt anyone, and I gotta represent.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Price Wars

I love me some online price wars.  When I spotted this super cute Let It All Pinstripe Dress (Jack BB Dakota Diego Striped Dress) at both PacSun and Modcloth, I assumed PacSun would have Modcloth's price beat.  Turns out, with applicable discounts, Modcloth wins by 21 cents.  That is unless you're buying $60 worth of product from PacSun, when shipping charges go bubye.

(you may also be able to order an online exclusive item from your local PacSun store and have it delivered there for worked for me once, anyway.) - Free Shipping
Original price:  $52.50
Sale price:  $34.99
Clearance price:  $24.49
Shipping:  $5 flat rate
Total:  $29.99
Original price:  $59.99
Sale price:  $29.99
Shipping:  $7 flat rate
Discount code "MCLOVESME":  -$7.21
Total:  $29.78

(discount valid only through 7/22, 11:59pm)

Hot Mama Style: Bling!

Here is something else you might not know about Hot Mama:  their jewelry selection is fabulous and affordable.  These gorgeous necklaces are all under $30!  

You're very welcome.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Stylist" Jill

Oh my gosh, you guys.  I'm so excited.  I got a job.  Another one.  As if full-time employee, blogger, wife, pug-mama, friend, choir member, etc. wasn't enough.  This one is part-time and fashion-related! Starting Tuesday, I will be a stylist at Hot Mama!  Eeeeeeek!

I got my work schedule today.  Mapped out public transportation routes.  Studying up on product lines via the website.  Can't wait to share my favorite Hot Mama styles with you! 

Many people associate Hot Mama with maternity clothes, but in fact most stores have discontinued maternity lines altogether.  That doesn't mean it isn't the perfect place to shop with a bun in the oven!  There are TONS of styles that will accommodate a growing belly and still be super flattering after baby is born.

As for those of us in the non-mama category, Hot Mama has great shopping for you (us) too! Premium denim, flirty dresses, work and weekend-wear, all in the latest trends!  I couldn't resist this adorable blazer when I was there for my 'try-out' a couple of weeks ago.  Silky-soft lining, elbow patches, and as comfortable as a sweatshirt - SCORE!

Blazer:  Hot Mama
Tee: WalMart
Necklace:  Target
Jeans:  Target
Shoes:  Shelly's London via

Like my new blog design & layout?  It's all Megan's fault.  She's the best.  :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stormy Style Salon

Did you know that the stylists at John Frieda have taken their show on the road?  It's true.  John Frieda DESTINATION:  STYLE SALON TOUR 2011  hit Minneapolis over the weekend.  I was invited (and excited!) to take part.  Style me up for FREE? - YIPPEE!  Made an appointment for Friday noonish with plans to meet up with ever-fabulous Erin of Babes in Thriftland.  I had to book it back to work by 3, so left in plenty of time get there and get styled.  Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for my day.

I found myself caught in a torrential downpour on my way to the Mall of America where the salon was stationed.  The 20 minute drive from St. Paul was stressful.  I found the salon easily, but it seemed everyone and their mama was at the mall, making nearby parking tough to find.  Was I smart enough to check the car for an umbrella?  Of course not.  Thankfully, Erin came prepared.

Rockin' the red carpet in the rain.

We stood out in the drizzle for several minutes before being informed that the stylists had been relocated to the mall for safety purposes.  Apparently high-voltage equipment in a glass & metal box in the middle of a parking lot in a thunderstorm is NOT safe (good to know).  So we waited.  Took pictures.  Waited.  After a few minutes, the stylists filed back into the salon and we were told to wait for the all clear from their weather source.  Thunder rolled again and once more, the stylists made their way back to the mall to wait out the weather.

I couldn't stay.  I never got styled.  Major bummer.  Instead, Erin and I grabbed a bite to eat, talked blog, then sadly parted ways.  Thankfully, she was able to get in for a cute style before the day was out.   So needless to say, Erin's review of the style salon is much better than mine.

Umbrella:  Erin's!
Necklace:  Boutique in Ouray, CO
Shirt:  Lux via Urban Outfitters
Jeans:  Lux, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Shoes:  Urban Outfitters
Bag:  Thrifted via ARC's Value Village
*photos via Erin