Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dress:  Forever 21
Skirt:  Forever 21
Shoes:  WalMart?

My husband really hated this outfit.  Like, we went for a walk over lunch-hour and I'm pretty sure he was embarrassed to be seen with me.  Grechen talks about man-repelling outfits.  Apparently, this falls into that category.  I would never intentionally repel my man, but I think it's ok in small doses.  Can't please everybody all the time, right? 

I felt rather brilliant putting this ensemble together.  The dress is too short to wear belted and bare-legged, so the polka dot skirt was introduced.  The two seemed to get along quite well.  My only regret was not wearing heels. 

Sometimes he's right.  Sometimes he's dead-wrong. (Sorry, babe.  Love you.)


Anonymous said...

Ok, he's definitely wrong this time! I LOVE LOVE this whole entire look from the bow on your tunic to the polka dot skirt. You look fabulous and cool!

Kimi said...

Your alien baby looks especially handsome today.

Brilliant fix for a too-short dress! I've tried it a couple of times myself.

Whenever my man seems repelled by my outfit I remind myself I'm dressing to impress other girls, not him (though it is nice when he appreciates my ensembles). He would think I'm hot in sweatpants and a baseball cap. Which is why I love him.

Bombshell Beauty said...

It might be man-repelling, but it's definitely girl-crush worthy. ;) I like this, a lot.

Bobbie said...

The hubs is so wrong! This outfit is adorable! Just seems so innocent and love your wittle pug
:) bobbie

Jessa said...

I think it's a great outfit! I would never have had the thought and the top would have ended up at Goodwill.

Chelsea said...

this is a fabulous combo! I always want to layer a skirt under a dress, but haven't quite found the right combo. but you have here, for sure! hubs is sooooo wrong :)

Melissa said...

I think bright red heels would look fabulous! I really like the polka dot skirt with that top. You look beautiful!

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Gracey said...

Brilliant layering - I wonder why your hubby didn't like it. I think it's perfect.

Jess said...

Ha! I really like this outfit! I agree with Melissa though bright red heels would look fab.

Anonymous said...

Um yes, DEAD wrong. I'm sure he's great, but sometimes boys don't really know how cool their wives clothes are ;)

Steve said...

Stay tuned for a rebuttal from your metro, fashion-forward husband. The sissy "Tim Gunn" gloves are coming off!

Lorena said...

Your pup is adorable !
(i totally fell in love with him in your profile pic)
AND I totally get what you are saying.
My husband will actually tell me things to make me doubt my choices. Things such as looking like "Madonna in her bad years", "a tree" or "Katy Perry" -
I still go out.... most of the time !