Thursday, July 21, 2011

Price Wars

I love me some online price wars.  When I spotted this super cute Let It All Pinstripe Dress (Jack BB Dakota Diego Striped Dress) at both PacSun and Modcloth, I assumed PacSun would have Modcloth's price beat.  Turns out, with applicable discounts, Modcloth wins by 21 cents.  That is unless you're buying $60 worth of product from PacSun, when shipping charges go bubye.

(you may also be able to order an online exclusive item from your local PacSun store and have it delivered there for worked for me once, anyway.) - Free Shipping
Original price:  $52.50
Sale price:  $34.99
Clearance price:  $24.49
Shipping:  $5 flat rate
Total:  $29.99
Original price:  $59.99
Sale price:  $29.99
Shipping:  $7 flat rate
Discount code "MCLOVESME":  -$7.21
Total:  $29.78

(discount valid only through 7/22, 11:59pm)


Ruby Girl said...

haha cute. I LOVVVVVE your new blog lay-out! Looks fantastic!! I'm doin a little revampin myself. Quite in process at the time being however hehe. Hey! can't wait to see you again tomorrow! <3

Lorena said...

I like the dress, my only BUT is that dresses seem to be shorter every time. It's like they are saving on the fabric!
BTW come by, I have something for you - that is if you still want them :)