Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Vintage One

Romper: vintage via Mighty Swell
Belt: Primp
Shoes:  Nine West via My Sister's Closet
Headband:  Target
Pearls:  Vintage, thrifted

Looks can be deceiving.  What your eyes behold is not a dress, but a romper!  Finally, FINALLY a romper that does not ride up my you-know-what or expose my ghostly white, un-toned thighs.  This makes successful romper acquisition #2.  Since my other romper is denim (seen in this post), I call it the casual one.  This is the vintage one.  My bathroom excursions may be somewhat complicated, but it's totally worth it.

My 4-day weekend went by way too fast.  The weather continues to be gorgeous and all I want to do is laze around in the sunshine, eat popsicles, read, nap, and repeat.


Melissa said...

I think if that's what you want to do, that's what you should do. Work is so overrated anyway, right?

I love these polka dots on you and the belt is SO fun with the romper! You look adorable!

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Frannie Pantz said...

A romper? Get outta town! This is amazing on you! And yes that is the one qualm that I have with rompers--I have to "hold it" all day. Blast! But, worth it!

Anna said...

you are the polka dot queen! so cute!!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Such a cute romper! I have yet to find a vintage one but would prefer that to my new one any day.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Someday In Paris said...

The Romper looks amazing! I have such issues finding one too but you've given me inspiration because this is just too cute.

An American Girl (Someday) in Paris

Rebecca said...

It doesn't look like a romper at all!

eek said...

I agree with Anna - polka dot queen! Love it :)

Nnenna said...

Wow, this is a romper? That's awesome! I love the color combination of black/white/yellow! :D

star-crossed smile

Alisha said...

That's the exact reason why I have yet to buy one. In the fitting room, after buttoning the last button, I looked in the mirror and thought 'Good Lord!' LOL Then immediately took it off.

Great job on finding this one. Looks great on you!

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Now THAT'S the kind of romper I could wear! And I love it with the yellow belt!

Anonymous said...

love it! i have a pattern to make rompers for the girls. i'm excited to have time to finish them!