Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cute, Comfy, Clearance

Since the start of my 'career' in retail (teehee), shoes that can withstand hours of hard labor have become increasingly important to me.  But finding cute, affordable ones...that's proving to be quite a task.  One way to save on the good stuff is to buy off-season.  So while everyone else is talking boots and unexposed toes, I'm stocking up on clearance sandals for the remaining summer days, for my January vacation (!!!), and for next summer.  How cute and comfy would those red Danskos be at Disney World...!?  For realio.

Women's Summer Sandal Sale at The Walking Company. Huge Selection at 40-70% Off! Sale ends 9/5/11.


Anna said...

I can't recommend Danskos enough. I have that same pair of sandals in copper and I wear them literally everyday to work in summertime. SOOO comfy! And cute!

Patti said...

Oooh, the two on the right! Must have. It's summer here most of the time, after all. : >

-Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Totally dig the Danskos, they remind me of the sandals I wore as a kid but with a grown-up flair!

Kristin said...

I got those Dansko sandals in the patent black at the beginning of the summer. Working 8+ hours on the floor in retail - you cannot even imagine how amazing those shoes are.

Running to the Walking Store to take advantage of bargains!!

Shasie said...

I love that black pair of heels!
Shasie of Live Life in Style