Friday, August 26, 2011

KP in the TC

You.  Change your mind.  Like Katy Perry.  Changes clothes.

Seriously, I lost count after a dozen costume changes.  Loved it.

I think KP and I could be friends.  In spite of the surreal naughty Candyland theme of the California Dreams tour, Katy had many down-to-earth moments with the audience that made her seem more like the cute girl next door and less like a Hollywood pop princess.  And she's funny.  And she's married to real funny dude.  I think a double date is in order.

Good grief, does this girl have a long list of hits.  I didn't realize.  I also didn't realize that she can really sing.  I sort of assumed that all pop stars rely on auto-tuning and their live concerts mostly lip-synced, but Katy appeared to be the real deal.  Her vocals were especially impressive during the slower, acoustic songs - like when it was just her playing a bedazzled guitar while suspended on a cotton candy cloud...that was great.

The question of whether or not this show was appropriate for the -13 crowd arose several times between my friends and me.  It definitely walks the line.  And yet, that is the brilliance of the Katy Perry brand.  It's all cupcakes and sparkles to distract the little ones from the mature lyrics and adult humor ("homemade" brownie, anyone?), creating fans that span several generations.  I like to think the sexuality of it is over the kids heads.  All they notice is a cute girl in blue hair and sparkly dresses dancing around a candycane least, I hope that's all they notice.  Would I allow my pre-teen daughter to go to Katy Perry concert?  Mmm...NO.  But I'm also NOT a parent of a pre-teen daughter, so I won't judge.


My only criticism of the evening would be how looooooooong we waited for Katy to take the stage.  We arrived at the auditorium shortly after 7pm, knowing she would likely have an opening act or two that we could miss as we purchased drinks and found our seats.  DJ Skeet Skeet or whatever his name was finally ended his set shortly after 8:30.  It seemed like forever before the real concert started after 9pm (hello! this old lady has to work in the morning!)!  But once it started, the energy didn't stop and the long wait was soon forgotten.

See more costume changes at Spoils of Wear on Facebook.


Josie said...

You and KP should totally be friends, Jill. I'm sure you'd get along splendidly. Happy weekend, doll!
xo Josie

Mrs Spanglish said...

Looks like such a fun time! I do like KP but I agree with you on the PG-13 issue. Looks like a pretty cool concert though :)

Keely said...

How fun! It looks like an awesome concert!

Anonymous said...

I hope KP reads your blog and invites you on a double date. Thanks for the concert play by play. It was fun to read about the event. Love the photos! You were either in a great seat or have a gret camera!