Monday, August 8, 2011

On My Mind

#15 - wishing I was here.
  1. a guest post for the lovely Franca
  2. a mini photo shoot for My Life in Lee style contest
  3. brainstorming my next clothes swap
  4. grocery shopping (I'm going through cereal withdrawl!)
  5. wishing the 3 pairs of shoes I ordered from Go Jane would arrive TODAY!
  6. Studying up on Hot Mama fall trends 
  7. Trying to find time for a haircut (need it BAD!)
  8. I'd like to attend this event
  9. So much to learn in Photoshop Elements!  (but I think I'm going to love it!)
  10. Looks like a tornado hit my closet!  It's time to purge and reorganize - again.  (Good for #3)
  11. So behind on blog reading - if only Blogger and Internet Explorer would play nice...
  12. Been storing up comment questions for a Q&A post.  Have a question for me?  Ask away!
  13. My BFF's threw me the most wonderful surprise birthday tea party this weekend and I love them for it - pics soon!
  14. Disney Cruise.  Disney Cruise.  Disney Cruise.  With my pal Girly Muse.


Rebecca said...

Are you working at the Grand Ave Hot Mama?

Josie said...

A surprise birthday tea party? That sound right up my alley, Jill -- how fun!
xo Josie

Girly Muse said...

I can't quite get #14 off my mind either!!! This might be the only time I've ever looked forward to winter! :D

Can't wait to hear about #13. xo