Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teenage Dream LASTnight.

Katy Perry concert tickets didn't come with a dress code warning.  Our fabulousness was upstaged by tweens in blue wigs and cupcake bras.  We never felt so classy...or old.  Regardless, we had a blast.  We went with low expectations, and left thoroughly impressed and highly entertained. More on the concert after I sift through all the pictures.

Elaina goes mod in this romper-jumpsuit thingy from Cliche' and Jessica Simpson boots.

Ms. Katie LongLegs refused to cooperate for pictures,
but that doesn't make her kiss print shirt and blue tip booties any
less appropriate for a Katie Perry concert! 

Miss an opportunity to wear a tutu?  Never!

Blazer:  Hot Mama
T-shirt: Grand Wazoo
Tutu:  Ragstock (thanks, Em!)
Shorts:  ?
Shoes:  Urban Outfitters


Vanessa said...

Elaina is rocking that outfit. I adore, adore, adore it! (The black and white and the boots!)
You look fierce in your tutu, too!
What great fashionable friends you have, Jill!

Gracey said...

Oh, how fun. You all look fabulous. And Elaina's jumper is just super - what a fun print!

Josie said...

You three are too darling -- I'm so jealous you made it to the concert! Love Katie's shoes.
xo Josie

Miranda said...

We saw KP in Nashville Friday night! TGIF! It was a great show & loved that so many came in costume! I didn't get to dress up too much, because I left straight from work. We still had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I have a jumpsuit almost exactly like Elaina's! I'm waiting for the perfect moment to wear it. And you're right - you should never miss an opportunity to wear a tutu.:)

TaraMixandMatch said...

You all look so adorable! I bet the concert was a blast!

Alisha said...

You three are just too cute!! Love that you wore the tutu. I've heard Katie Perry is awesome live! Hope y'all had a great time!


Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Hooray for tutus! You three look adorable!

Melissa said...

Oh my heavens, I love the tutu. LOVE IT!!! You're all adorable!

Emily said...

I LOVE your tutu! I have always wanted to wear one, now that I don't have the excuse of being a five-year-old ballerina anymore :) You look adorable!

Girly Muse said...

Oh MY, the three of you look fabulous!!!