Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Are Borg

Earrings: Target
Dress:  gift from hubby via Gabes in WV
Belt:  Hot Mama
Shoes: via Banks (I miss you!)

I haven't been in the mood for complicated.  Hence, this outfit.

I have been in the mood for sleeping in, consuming Dairy Queen blizzards, buying shoes online, and watching endless hours of Star Trek: Voyager on Netflixs.  To these desires, I will ultimately be assimilated.  Resistance is futile. 


Kayla said...

Well you look adorable. Those relaxing days and moods suit you!

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Brittney said...

i am in the exact same frame of mind. having a hard time blogging these days, in fact...seems too "hard." i think my brain is sunburned and needs a few days (weeks?) to get back to normal.
here's a DQ blizzard toast to us, jill. happy relaxing.

Miranda said...

I LOVE Gabes, great dress!


Patti said...

I am almost you. I am eating frozen yogurt and watching all 76 epi's of Battlestar Gallactica on Netflix (well I am on #12 now) : >

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Lili said...

I'm sure Kathryn would approve. I don't think she's a high maintenance dresser :-)

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Anna said...

I'm with ya... I am eager for fall to come because seasons changing always refreshes me and boosts my spirit.

Lorena said...

You had me at Dairy Queen Blizzards !
AS basic as you may feel in this outfit, it works perfectly.

Josie said...

You look adorable! And seriously, how killer are those Blizzards?
xo Josie

allison said...

I cant get enough of Star Trek: Voyager! I was hooked when I watched as a young girl, and I am hooked all over again. THANK YOU NETFLIX!