Friday, September 9, 2011


Blouse:  Banana Republic, thrifted
Sweater:  Banana Republic, thrifted
Necklace:  Target
Poncho:  Paul & Joe for Target, thrifted
Pants:  J. Crew
Shoes:  Bandolino, thrifted

Wowzers.  What a week.  By way of several divine happenings, Steve and I have decided to look for a house.  It's a little nerve-wracking with no solid plan for what to do with our studio condo, but we're more optimistic than we've ever been.  We took yesterday off work for house hunting.  Saw 13 properties, and made an offer on one!  

Miles is doing well, all things considered.  He saw the vet on Wednesday.  They agreed to reduce his Prednisone and provided us with some methods of treating some of his issues in the meantime.  It was a huge relief.  Little dude is acquiring quite a wardrobe.  Mama won't have her baby be the doggy freak of the neighborhood.  

As for my stolen iPhone situation, I have resorted to using one of Steve's old phones that isn't exactly...'smart'.  So it may take me a little longer to approve comments and respond to emails.  No Instagram pictures for while (tear).  Major Sudoku withdrawal.  The thing barely holds a charge.  It's scratched and grimy.  But it's better than nothing.

The weather has been beyond lovely.  Sunny with a slight chill is exactly how I like it.  And the cape/poncho trend - bring it.


Frannie Pantz said...

I want a cape so badly! I hope that everything works out with the house/pup/phone. Seems like it has been quite a week for you! They should make something on the IPhone that explodes blue ink for people who steal them--like they do for bank robberies and stuff. This is just despicable!

Cate said...

I'll have to reduce my complaints about my iPhone to a minimum after reading this. I least it's somewhat smart, even though it craps out on me all the time lately. Love that poncho!!


Anna said...

Yay house hunting!!! Have FUN with the process. After we found our house and were all moved in, I missed looking at houses (and still looked online for fun). What areas are you looking in? Will we still be neighbors? There are some great homes by us for a good deal!

And I'm loving the peach color with the neutrals of the rest of your outfit. Very classy looking.

Kate said...

Very exciting about the house-hunting! And I bet you can rent out the studio no prob. So happy that things seem to be on the up-tick for you. xo

Josie said...

You look gorgeous, Jill -- you always have the best thrifting finds! I'm glad Miles is doing a little better, and good luck with the house hunting!
xo Josie

Gracey said...

Goodness sakes, Jill, you've got a lot going on. Sorry about the phone, but how exciting that you guys are looking for a house. And that Miles can be on reduced Prednisone - both wonderful things.

Love your poncho!