Friday, November 4, 2011

Product Review: Clarisse Dress

Hello.  Jill here.  A few weeks ago, I was asked to review a Clarisse prom dress.   I'm more than a decade beyond prom and not a formal-loving girl, but it sounded like a fun opportunity to gussy up and take pictures.  I chose the Black Homecoming Dress 1309.

Oh, so adorable.  But uh-oh, no room for my double D's.   So I had to enlist the help of one equally much more fabulous and smaller on top.  Everyone, say hello to Keely. (Hello, Keely).

Keely can rock-out ANYTHING, so this dress was hardly a challenge for her.  She went big and bright with accessories.  Her hot pink and black fascinator is handmade, and I would guess that her massive necklace is a thrift-store treasure.  A leather bracelet and patent booties complete the sassy ensemble.

Here is what we loved about the dress:  It's timeless and versatile.  Formal wear is usually worn once, then stuffed in the back of a closet for years until it is rediscovered and likely donated or sold for no where near the original price.  But I can see this dress coming out to play for numerous occasions.  It can be dressed up with lots bling and stilettos for the rare formal event, OR it can be dressed down with boots and a graphic tee for girls night out.

We also love the details.  The big bow is long enough that it could be tied around the front as opposed to the back.  The length is universally flattering.  The big ruffle around the top of the dress is absolutely adorable.  It came with a halter strap for those of us who stress over strapless (hand raised).  And the can't go wrong with classy, flattering black.

What we I didn't love about the dress:  Obviously, the fact that I couldn't wear it.  I could size up and and up and up, but the boob space would never be enough for moi.  But if you're a B-cup or smaller, you'd be very happy with this dress.

Now seriously, could I have found a cuter girl to model?  Answer:  Nope.

***The Black Homecoming Dress 1309 dress had been provided to us by provides prom dresseshomecoming dresses and dresses for other special occasions.


Kerri said...

This dress is so adorable! I never would have guess you to be a dd cup in a million years.

Josie said...

She looks adorable! I love the backdrop, too, and those shoes are killer.
xo Josie

Girly Muse said...

Nope, you couldn't have picked a cuter model. Keely looks amazing in everything!

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage prom dress! The accesories where great with the dress and added just the right amount of needed glam to the outfit. Love the blog!


Alicia Michelle said...

I like your blog! Your style is adorable and so are you!