Thursday, July 26, 2012

Charlotte Chic

Sweater, Shorts:  Hot Mama
Shoes:  Target
Charlotte Tarantola is right up there with my favorite brands at Hot Mama.  I love everything she designs.  Admittedly, this is the only piece I own (give it time).  Her styles are special with unexpected color, pattern, and texture combinations that make me swoon.  The fit is exceptional.  This little sweater is striped (I'm a sucker), and has a sparkly sheen.  I stalked it almost daily until it went on super-sale.  Mission accomplished.

Ollie appreciates Charlotte for her pet fashion.   His clothes are of the manlier sort, of course, but he recognizes a well dressed lady pup when he sees one.


Anonymous said...

I loooove your puppy dog! We have flat nosed pups too... boxers. Check out those wrinkles on the forehead. Oh, and cute outfit too with the brightly colored stripes. I need to check that brand out!

CarrieSpeidel said...

I am so happy you talked me into buying those shorts. My pug also loves them. Thank again for having us over tonight. Happy Birthday!!!

Jasmine said...

Love this top! So cute - I'm a sucker for stripes as well! And the colors - great combination!!

Not to mention that pup, simply adorable!