Friday, September 14, 2012

Yes and No

Tank, Jeans:  Hot Mama
Flannel:  Cliche'
Shoes:  Target

Yes, I do wear my red jeans a lot.
No, I cannot wait to wear them with my new Frye boots.
Yes, I do hope flannel continues to make a comeback.
No, I had not considered dressing Ollie in a red & white striped shirt, doing a "Where's Waldo" in all of my outfit pictures...until this one.
Yes, I do wear my sunglasses as a headband - sometimes all day, indoors.
No, I do not need to be watching Hunger Games for the third time at 12am on a Thursday night.
Yes, I am now going to bed.


Bethie The Boo said...

I need red jeans. ASAP.

I'm reading the Hunger Games for a 2nd time and am now jonsing to watch the movie again!

Heather said...

Haha - super cute post! I love this laid back outfit and so nice to meet you yesterday :) Now following along!


Daisy Nguyen said...

LOVE red jeans, LOVE red pants. LOVE RED! These ones look great on you - LOVE HOT MAMA! They have some great selections, and the jeans FIT!

So glad to find another Minnesota blogger!

-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog: