Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back at Gap

Sweater: Vintage, thrifted,  Skirt (similar): Gap, Tee & Tights:  Target
Purse: Coach, Shoes: ? , thrifted via Clothes Mentor

On Ollie = Polo: PetSmart,  Collar: gift from Grandma

I'm always in the mood for bold prints and bright colors.  The Gap has worked it's way back into my heart and wardrobe this season.  Not that I was ever anti-Gap, but some collections speak to me more than others.  Their fun outfits page is good for loads of preppy inspiration.  If they had a line for dogs, Ollie would look this spiffy every day.  His little polo was a rare pet store treasure.  It's so hard to find cute doggie clothes without a goofy logo or saying on it.

The items I couldn't resist:

The items on my wish list:

Ok, so I can't afford the jacket, but isn't it so yummy?  Gah!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pretty Prairies

Denim Shirt:  Levi's via Hot Mama, Drafting Blouse: Prairie Underground via
hand-me-down (thanks, Ash!), Leggings (in gray): c/o Prairie Underground,
Boots:  Frye via Amazon

The rouching on these amazing leggings gifted to me by Prairie Underground reminds me of the folds and wrinkles that make up Daisy's adorable face.  Both are difficult to photograph in detail.   Both make me very, very happy.

I'm not one to spend a lot on a single article of clothing.  So I surprise even myself at how much I love and will invest in Prairie styles.  Their clothing is organic, versatile, washable, flattering, beautifully unique, and American made.  Last fall, I justified the purchase of a Cloak Hoodie by remixing the heck out of it.  That was the start of my addiction.  So when the sexy Quilted Wings dress went on sale, there was no way I could resist.  Then the spring line brought the Satellite tunic in the yummiest color and I had to have that too.  Now I'm saving for the Long Fey Hoodie - it makes me feel tall and skinny and downright fabulous.

Thank you, Prairie people.  You're worth every penny.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leaf Piles

Shirt:  Marshall's?
Belt:  Steve Madden via Hot Mama
Jeans:  Paige via Zappos
Shoes:  DSW

Didn't I just wear this?  Apparently not, because the grass behind me is green and deprived of fallen leaves.   Raking leaves is one chore that I don't mind so much (don't tell Steve).   It would be better if I could childishly jump in the leaf pile without fearing an encounter with old dog poop.  Still, it's worth the risk.  Oliver likes to dive in head first, wrestling the pile into submission.  The aftermath makes for more raking, but it's too entertaining to not let him do it.  I expect he'll tutor Daisy on how to tackle leaf piles as well.   Strange that I would enjoy any sort of yard work.  Even stranger that I would be willing to do it over again. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daisy Mae

Sweater:  Target
Blouse, Jeans (similar), Shoes:  Hot Mama

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know my big news.  
Steve and I have a new furbaby!  Her name is Daisy and she is incredible.

Ollie thinks so too.