Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leaf Piles

Shirt:  Marshall's?
Belt:  Steve Madden via Hot Mama
Jeans:  Paige via Zappos
Shoes:  DSW

Didn't I just wear this?  Apparently not, because the grass behind me is green and deprived of fallen leaves.   Raking leaves is one chore that I don't mind so much (don't tell Steve).   It would be better if I could childishly jump in the leaf pile without fearing an encounter with old dog poop.  Still, it's worth the risk.  Oliver likes to dive in head first, wrestling the pile into submission.  The aftermath makes for more raking, but it's too entertaining to not let him do it.  I expect he'll tutor Daisy on how to tackle leaf piles as well.   Strange that I would enjoy any sort of yard work.  Even stranger that I would be willing to do it over again. 


Ticka said...

Cute pants! Love the addition of the leopard belt too!!

I hate raking leaves & my lawn is full of them :(

Frannie Pantz said...

Aw I always rake piles of leaves for my kids! It's ton of fun! Also fun? These great polka dot jeans!