Sunday, November 11, 2012

Striped Truth

Shirt: Gap,  Jacket:  Tulle via TJMaxx,  Boots: Madden Girl
 Jeans: Level 99 & Bracelet via Hot Mama

I meant to post this outfit on election day.  I had a few "moderately" political words written, but then my internet went kaput and I couldn't get online for a few days.  It's ok - I don't reserve red, white and blue for national events.  Besides, what's even more culturally American is the day after the election when what we're really grateful for is not having to endure one more campaign commercial.   The appreciation I have for my country is hardly effected by who is in office.  I'm blessed no matter what.  That's the truth.


perfumehk said...

o pretty and stylish. Beautiful outfit and lovely pic.
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Bethie The Boo said...

I agree!! I'm glad it's over and done and I too feel blessed no matter what!

I do love this outfit - it's patriotic without being overdone!