Saturday, December 1, 2012


Shirt: Ralph Lauren - thrifted,  Sweater: Gap
Jeans:  James Jeans via Hot Mama,  Boots: Frye via Amazon

Ollie's fleece from Posh Pooch

Not so deep down, I'm a matchy-matchy girl.  It took me a long time to comprehend mixing neutrals, colors, and patterns.  Over time and with much studying of blogs and magazines, I learned how to coordinate instead of match.

This also applies to my living accessories.  I love it when Steve and I accidentally match coordinate.  Admittedly,  I sometimes force the issue for holidays and special occasions.  Thankfully, I have a guy who appreciates a good outfit almost as much as I do.

Ollie does not share our love of dress-up.  He completely shuts down when we put clothes on him.  It's really his only flaw.  (Ok, so his flatulence is a major issue...and he's a leash puller...and he's an attack kisser too...whatever, nobody is perfect.)  

No matter how much he hates it, I can't help but put him in a cute sweater when the occasion calls for it.  An occasion is any day I realize that my outfit goes with something in his closet.  Yes, my dog, who doesn't like clothes, has a closet (of sorts).  Go ahead, judge me.

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Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Your pup looks adorable in his preppy little getup, hehe!
I am a total matchy-matchy girl myself. Sometimes I have to stop myself from matching so much because my looks end up looking costume-y - but what's wrong in looking put-together?! ;o)