Friday, January 25, 2013

A Very Important Date

Left to right:  Elaina, Katie, Keely, (Daisy) and Me!

It happened on Sunday.  Nothing but a Mad Hatter Tea Party would do for BFF Katie and the baby girl bump that accompanied her.  How does one pull off a baby shower of this madnitude, you ask?  With a collection of mismatched tea sets, handmade paper top hats, Pintrest recipes and ideas, and loads of talented help.  We can hardly wait for the next very important date - the arrival of baby R!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Self Control

Shirt: Levi's,  Jeans: James Jeans,  & Belt  from Hot Mama
Tee,  Leg Warmers & Shoes from Target

I know, I know.  This outfit is basically the same as this one.  Apparently, when it comes to denim shirts and colored skinny jeans, I can't control myself.  It's the same problem I have with Pug puppies and Breyer's mint ice cream.  It's really not a problem at all.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Next on the Resolution List:  DO more.  Once upon a time, when we were Pug-less, had only one mortgage to pay, and PTO was mine for the taking, Steve and I did a lot of stuff.  We went places.  No sooner was one adventure over than the next one would be planned.

Things have changed for the better in many ways.  We have a house now, with plenty of space to entertain.  Steve began working from home in June - it's awesome.  It wasn't enough to have only one puppy, there is now twice the reason to stay in and snuggle.

I love my life, but it's easy to get stuck in a rut.  When we found out one of our favorite bands, The Killers, was going to be in Chicago the week before Christmas, we decided to make the trip.  Chicago-style pizza,  Willis Tower,  Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, and The Killers all in one day.  It's the most time I've ever spent in the windy city, and now we're determined to go back for an extended stay in warmer weather.

It was a great reminder that there is more to life than obligation.  In 2013, I want to abandon routine more, be a little less practical, and a lot more creative with my time.  Once again,  I welcome your ideas.  How are YOU going to mix it up this year?

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Shirt: Levi's,  Jeans: James Jeans,  Scarf,  and Socks via Hot Mama
Tee: Target,  Boots: KMart

Exercise.  I hate it.  Not because I hate exercising itself, but because it takes so much planning and commitment (terrible planner, over-committer). I've always had minor fluctuations in my weight, usually evenly distributed.  But within the last year or so, while my jeans continue to fit in the legs and butt,  the waistline is giving me trouble.  My desire is not to be "skinny". I don't think I need to lose weight. But the muffin top drives me bananas.  Hmm...more bananas, less cookies.  Might be a good place to start.

A New Year's resolution was is to tone up my tummy.  Now to find a realistic action plan.  What I can commit to is a Tuesday morning hike through the snow.  It's a family activity, I can dress in cute layers, and it doesn't require a shower afterward.  For now, we'll call this progress.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

Scarf,  Jacket: Jack by BBDakota,  Jeans:  Free People - via Hot Mama
Sweater:  JCP,  Shoes: Kohl's

Happy New Year!  I'm working on a list of 2013 resolutions.  First time in many, many years.  The plan is to motivate myself off of my comfy couch.  I figure a goal or two would be a good place to start.  As the 21st century heads into it's awkward adolescent years, I shall embrace my acne-free (I wish) 30's.  Let me give this some more thought and I'll get back to you with details...maybe.

How 'bout you?  Please, inspire me with your New Year's resolutions.